CDO 10… Part 2 – Contact Us!

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About a year ago, the ATP had a Count Down of 10 (CDO 10), where we released 10 huge prizes. Because of complications we never officially announced the last update (although most of you kinda figured out that it was an email for the blog). Well, after an entire year… here it is!!!

To contact myself (Spotted Dragon) and the ATP team email us at theatpteam@adventuretimepop.com! Or visit out Contact Us Page (under About) to fill out a contact form. Now I know what you might be thinking: Why is the address at “adventuretimepop.com” instead of something like “gmail.com?” Is SD finally getting her own URL??? Yeah, um… not right now, sorry. My father is messing around with some URL stuff, so hopefully we will get our own address soon. ;) (Just don’t get your hopes up, okay?)

We would love it if you sent in things for TNPT (more on that below), for our Fan Art Page, and island guides that we don’t already have up.

Also, we haven’t had a party in a while and that just won’t work. So, I’m gonna make a deal with you guys. Once we reach 50,000 hits, we will have a huge party on Xat/Poptropica! We are currently a bit over 46,000. Please spread the word so we can have a party sooner! :D


Okay, I want to start making more issues of The New Pop Times as well. We are going to have a new “Fan Mail” article, where viewers like you can send in your artwork, stories, costumes, and more! We have a new “Ask Us” article too, where you can ask us blog/Poptropica/Adventure Time related questions! If you want us to advertise something for you or you want to answer the quiz (now called “Trivia Time”) you can either email us or comment on the most recent TNPT post. ;)

Now for the juicy stuff…

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ATPT Issue 2 – Halloween

Hey everyone! You may have heard that we are trying to bring back our magazine. It has only had one issue so far, but you guys seemed to like it. So, we are going to try to post a magazine (ATPT – ATPop Topics) at every major holiday/event, in place of The New Pop Times. This issue, of course, will be Halloween related! :D

Remember, this is a tabloid, so you may not be able to trust all of the information given. However, the article about Speaking Up towards Bullying is completely true and is to be taken seriously. Click to enlarge the images below. If things are still a bit small for you, try pressing Ctrl while zooming in with the wheel on your mouse.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Adventure Time Pop so far! We are practically at 6,000 hits thanks to you guys! Seriously, your viewing has meant a lot. :)

Plus, a page will (hopefully) be put up for the magazine issues.

Anyway, have an awesome and safe Halloween! We hope you enjoyed the ATPop-Topics. :P



Concept Art, Ghost Fly, Many Faces of Marcy, Plus More (AT & Pop Info)

Hey guys! This post is going to include both Adventure Time and Poptropica information.

Anyway, some recent concept art has been released, so here it is!

The first image shows some monkey ruins. What this means, I am not sure, but it may relate to the Jorge & Oliver/monkey sneak peek that we previously took a look at. The second images is art for an abandoned island idea, entitled Racer Island.

As you may have noticed, Poptropica has been tweeting a lot recently and it has began to worry some viewers. This is because some links that the Creators have tried giving shout outs to contain inappropriate language, topics, etc. and most Poptropicans are fairly young. Of course the Creators have been informed of this issue and have taken note of it.

I have also discovered the name for Arabian Nights Island Episode 2, which is The 40 Thieves. Therefore, we can expect Arabian Nights Episode 2 to be coming out… soonish.

arab name

Yep, that’s it Poptropica wise. On to the adventures! :)

ghost fly image

Ghost Fly Sneak Peek

It has been an extremely long time since the last Adventure Time episodes, but that ends now! Today, (Tuesday, October 28) there was a new episode called Ghost Fly. I won’t spoil anything, but I will say that it is about a fly that begins to haunt the tree house due to some unfinished business. In my opinion, it isn’t one of the best episodes, but it totally has some funny moments. ;)

However, I want to note that new episodes usually come out on Thursdays, but this one came out on a Tuesday. Could Cartoon Network be changing the air dates? Hopefully there will be some clarification soon.

Other upcoming episodes include “Evergreen,” “The Mountain,” and “Jake the Brick.” Sadly, no dates have been confirmed.

In other news, here are the many faces of Marcy that Cartoon Network wanted to share, just for something fun.

I think my favorite is Young Marcy. That’s all for now, so which Marcy look is your favorite?



Top submissions for Best of the Land Contest announced!

Today, the Creators have announced some incredible creations for the Obstacle Course aspect for The Best of the Land contest! Check the submissions below:

Go ahead and click here so you can vote for the one you like best! The poll should be on the top right corner of the page. From now until October 30th, the day before Halloween, you can get started on the next theme of the contest, which is called Haunted. Good luck everyone!


CDO 10 Part 2 – Prize 3

*Dramatic music* You saw the first prize… you saw the second… and now… it is here… THE THIRD PRIZE!!!

CDO 10 - Part 2 - Hint 4

We are going to get a Poptropica Pamphlet Page! And by that, I mean a page that basically gives you a little tour of what Poptropica is all about. Be sure to comment your opinion and any suggestions!

Click here to see the page. We hope you like it! :D

BTW, congrats if you guessed this announcement correctly. Sorry it took a while to be posted.



Balloon Boy’s Return? Plus Land Winners & More…

Hey guys! A lot of recent Tweets and posts to cover. First off, I want to emphasize this new video that has been added to the Creator’s “Inside Poptropica” YouTube playlist.

…Does this mean that Balloon Boy may be returning soon? Part of me is thrilled and part of me is sad that we may not be able to look in the sky and find him there any longer. Here is what has been said on the subject:

balloon boy talk


As you can see, Balloon Boy may soon become a Balloon Man…

In other news, Poptropica has still been buzzing on Tumblr lately! The awesomeness has even spread to classrooms.

Ugh, I hate it when I’m stuck on the loading page with a ton of vines across my screen. :P

Plus, some more concept art has been released! This time, it is for the recent “Monster High” ad.

As you may know, PoptropiCon Episode 2: Spoiler Alert has been released to members and Arabian Nights Episode 1: How Bazzar has been released to everyone. To celebrate, there is a new PoptropiCon themed costume in the Store, called Popzilla.

popzilla costumeYikes! Looks ferocious, doesn’t it? ;)

I also want to share an awesome site that the Creators found. It is called Ask the World’s Most Dangerous Losers. On the site, you can send in any question to be answered by the Poptropica Villains! Note that this is a fan site, therefore fans are answering the questions, not the Poptropcia team. Still, it’s pretty cool!

robotic rabit


Yep, I definitely ship Dr. Hare and Binary Bard now. Let’s call them… Robo-Rabbit. XD

Anyway… The Best of the Land: Dream Houses have been announced!

Look at that! The PHB’s own Slanted Fish is among the best! Click here for an in depth tour of her creation. Nice work Fishy!

Sadly, we are a little late on posting this, so voting for the best of the best is over. The winner is… Zany Crown! Congrats! :D

dream house 10

The Best of the Land: Villages has also been announced! Thankfully, we are on time for this one.

Click here to go vote for your favorite! The poll should be to the right of the page. The next theme in the contest is an obstacle course, so good luck everyone!

Once more thing! Survival Episode 5, along with free Halloween costumes, are now available in the Poptropica app.




Spoiler Alert – Huge Updates!

Hey everyone! The second episode of Poptropicon, Spoiler Alert, is available now to members! (Members- be sure to pick up the Popzilla costume in the Store!) And, How Bazaar, the first episode of Arabian Nights, is now available to everyone!


Also, a reminder- Non-members, you only have 7 days left to try out Poptropica Land! The next upcoming theme is Obstacle Course.

land competition

Poptropica has been keeping up with Twitter- here’s some new tweets!





Poptropica quoted Brave Tomato, from the Poptropica Help Blog!

What do you think of the new episodes? Comment below!



AT Season 4 DVD

Hey guys! Quick Adventure Time update; The Season 4 DVD is here!

As you can tell from the video, the DVD includes 26 episodes/commentaries, and behind the scenes music treats. In came out October 7 and you can get it at Amazon now. Can’t wait for shipping, huh? Well here is a behind the scenes look at the DVD! Note that it is an entire playlist. ;)

…I need this… I can’t believe I only have Season 1 and 2… *cough* Anyway…

You may know that New York ComicCon has recently been up, so I found some sneak peeks of upcoming episodes that were featured at the event!

It has been so long since the last episode… I can’t wait! :D

cardIn other news, from now until Novemember 1, you can get three spooky Cartoon Network apps for $4.99 (40% off original price). Of course, you’ll get credited for any of the apps you’ve already purchased.

These apps include Card Wars and Ski Safari. The other one is called Ghost Toasters, but it is a Regular Show themed game.

Happy early Halloween! And may the odds of getting full sized candy bars be ever in your favor. :P