Timmy Failure Trailer & Prizes

This post is sticky: Every week, this post will be edited to add in the new prize!

Hey guys!

The Creators have just announced that every Thursday starting August 6th, if you visit Timmy Failure Island until it releases to members on September 17th, you can get a new prize each week!

  • Week of August 6thPromo code TIMMY earns you 50 credits!
  • Week of August 13th: Talking to Timmy will earn you a Polar Bear Costume!
  • Week of August 20th: Talking to Timmy will earn you a customized poster!
  • Week of August 27th: Going to Timmy Failure Island will allow you to visit the TF Common Room!

The Creators also released a trailer for the island, watch it here!

That’s all for now! Let us know what you think of the trailer in the comments below!

-Brave Sky

EDIT: You can currently find a screwdriver on the island, but it won’t stay in your inventory when you leave.


Pop Maintenance, School, Pelican Prison, & More

Hey Adventuring Poptropicans! SD here with a few Poptropica updates. But before we get into that, I just want to give you a heads up: School has started for most of us authors, so we probably will be less active when it comes to posting. Don’t get me wrong! Everyone on the team will still try to keep you up to date as much as possible! ;)


Anyway, you may have noticed that Poptropica is currently down for maintenance. Not much was explained, so we don’t know exactly why it is down, but the Creators say they will let us know as soon as the site is back up.

In other news, the Creators also recently posted a sketch! Whatever the sneak peek is for, the project is “super-early.”


It appears to shows Oliver, from the Poptropica Comics.

Talking about sneak peeks, you may have already heard of the next Poptropica island! Most refer to it as “Pelican Rock Island” for the time being.

Thanks to Brave Tomato (for doing a ton of research on the island), we know the island is probably based on Alcatraz, which is a (now closed) famous high security prison on an island in San Francisco. When the island was first found, it was named La Isla de los Alcatraces, which means The Island of the Pelicans, so this makes perfect sense!

Fun fact: I have been on a tour of Alcatraz when visiting California! One big thing I remember: It STINKS of bird droppings.

We haven’t talked a lot about Pelican Rock Island, but we will mention it more as it develops into an actual island. For now, I will leave you with this:

pelican rock



We’re rich…on Poptanium!

Hey guys! Long time no post. :P

Today, we’re visiting a recently featured Remarkable Realm. The creator of this realm is Brave Seagull— who made a Poptanium stash! (You can visit the realm by entering the code: 9thzx.)

When you visit the realm, it looks so simple, nothing to hide. When you try to explore and zoom out, Brave Seagull hid a total of 463 Poptanium bars! You can find them inside a whale’s belly, undeground hideout and crystal temples! Check the realm out below:

You can also watch Captain Crawfish’s commentary on this realm!

Make sure to check out more realms with hidden Poptanium stashes (like 4rv6q) er, and discover more creations! Make sure to comment down below. :)

-Slippery :mrgreen:


Our Orange Poptropica-ish Discovery Island

Okay, we got some big news that may in fact change everything (or it won’t change anything, who knows), discovered by former ATP author HPuterpop. Thankfully we are not talking about back to school stuff (although the commercials have been driving me crazy).

Thank to the Poptropica Help Blog for the images in this post.

Anyway HPuterpop was searching for Poptropica books when we came across some interesting information. Long story short, Our Discovery Island was, um, discovered.

our discovery island

As you can see, it looks almost identical to Poptropica. It’s even “Powered by Poptropica.” Plus, if you go to ourdiscoveryisland.com, you will see what looks like a weird Poptropica homepage… but it’s… orange.

orange poptropica

However, you need an access code to make an account. You may need to buy one of Pearson’s Poptropica-ish books for a code, since the islands on the site seem to be based off their books. Also, this site is owned by Pearson, which Poptropica is no longer owned by.

When HPuterpop contacted the Poptropica Creators, they said that more of these Poptropica “clones” will be popping up soon. To be honest, this kind of scares me…

Moving on, this (pretty old) game play video shows that the characters from the game had actual voice acting. It also proves that the game was specifically made for students and educational purposes.

Okay, those voice kinda creeped me out… Still, the game engine is definitely Poptropica. In addition to the game play video, there have been some animated videos for Our Discovery Island.

Okaaaaay… Oddly enough, many Poptropicans such as Pixel, Silver Wolf, Brave Sky, and myself have managed to get a hold of an ODI account. Everything seemed very simplistic and along the same lines as the things we’ve already found.

Looking at ODI’s About Page, it looks like it is only copyrighted for 2011. Maybe this was something that never fully developed and no one has gotten around to taking it down? Eh, it’s only a possibility… Although on the homepage, the copyright is for 2015.

In conclusion:

  1. Orange is NOT Poptropica’s color
  2. Even though this new site is educational, I am still very confused

Thanks a ton to HP’s post on the PHB, which I based this post on. Read it to find out more about the books and other things about the site. For even more information, click here and discover things yourself!

Be sure to comment your thoughts on Orange Poptropica below. :P



Hub Island Brief Overview and Theory

Hiya, Silver Wolf here, with some information on the new Hub Island! I’ll be giving an overview of Hub Island, but I’ll also give a theory I have about it, which may be completely wishful thinking, or it may lead somewhere.

Hub/Home Island Brief Overview & Theory

Note: this is a brief description and the island guide will be coming soon

Hub Island Tutorial GuyJust the other day, out of nowhere, Hub Island, or Home Island, was added to the map! Basically, the tutorial section is similar to the beginning island on Poptropica Adventures. You go into the tutorial by talking to the Poptropican in the pilot costume on the bridge.
Wrench LadyYou’ll then be taken to a tutorial, where you find 8 shards scattered throughout the area to form a medallion. Of course, the medallion is yours! While there, you’ll meet a lady that will show you how to customize your character by giving her a wrench.

Outside of the tutorial, you can also enter three buildings, one called “New You” that lets you randomize costumes you can wear and colorize your skin and hair (which didn’t stay for me), another that when entered takes you to the Poptropica Shop, and the last one called “Arcade,” letting you go into the island’s Common Room:

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Shaun the Sheep Ad

Hey guys! A new ad has popped up around Poptropica for the Shaun The Sheep Movie. I found it on Mystery of the Map Island, but it can be found elsewhere too.


Inside, it’s a huge common room where you can interact with different sheep, and get prizes and costumes!

If you equip the Woolly Blow and press spacebar by another Poptropican, you give them a new haircut!


If you use the Sheep Belch, you do exactly that. :P


What do you think of these prizes? Comment below!



Daily Pop-In Review


Daily pop in review

The Daily Pop-In is now over, but the discussion is just dying down. Before reading my review of the event, be sure to see what it was about, including the prizes that were given.

The 2 weeks worth of prize started out with a huge 200 credits. In my opinion, that is an awesome prize! It can buy you two items from the Poptropica Store if you play your cards right. The next prize was 50 credits. This isn’t hat great of a prize, especially since we just got 200, but it isn’t all that bad either. I mean, credits are credits, right?

That was how I felt, until the next promo code was announced. It got you a measly 5 credits, which can’t really get you anything. Still, I had hope for future codes.

FartgunNext up was 75 credits. Okay, credits are great and all, but we were promised more. Thankfully, the next prize was different… a fart gun! With the item equipped, you could press space bar and shoot out a green mist from your gun, which causes other Poptropicans to turn green. While this isn’t an amazing award, it brings hope for things to come.

After that, we got another 75 credits. It’s great for buying something in the Store, but we have already gotten a lot of credits.

But don’t give up just yet! The next prize was the twin power, which duplicates your Poptropican, allowing you to follow yourself around! Most people weren’t too thrilled with this award, but I actually like it. Who wouldn’t want more Spotted Dragon? XD

Sadly, the last 3 prizes were all credits. 75, 20, and lastly 100. 100 was a good number to end on, but there were just a LOT of credits.

Okay, now that everything has been recapped, time for my overall review.

daily pop in

Credits are great. For Poptropicans without membership, this gives them a great opportunity to buy things from the Store. Giving credits out, instead of items/costumes, also gives the player more options. It lets you choose what you want, instead of you winning something that you don’t like. However, it doesn’t really help members that much.

Of course, we did get 2 prizes that weren’t just credits. First was the fart gun. Don’t get me wrong, everyone loves a good old fashion fart joke, but this item is just not all that appealing to me. Especially since it was also an old Despicable Me Ad prize (I also think Minions are overused). Second was the twin power, which I have already explained that I like, even though most think it isn’t amazing.

Anyway, during the event, the Creators tried to create their own excitement. Even before the event had even started, the Poptropica Creators seemed to hype up the event, way more than it was worth. With the event’s announcement, this was said:

The prize varies every day — it may be credits, or an item, or a costume. You’ll have to come back every day to get them all, because each code will only work for one day!

Plus, judging by the image they gave (shown above), the prizes were going to be very rare and possibly limited edition from the past, such as the Golden Pop Star that was featured. Sadly, there was not a single costume awarded.

Many players expressed their disappointment and the Creators apologized, but nothing more than that. In my opinion, if the Daily Pop-In was suggested to be more low-key in its announcements, than we would have been more pleased.

Overall, I give the Daily Pop-In a 4/10.

I’m sorry, but that is just what seems right. Although…

We’ve had an absolutely blast giving away so many free credits and items over the past two weeks. The Daily Pop-In Prize is over for now, but you can bet we’ll be doing more like this in the future!

Captain Crawfish did say that more things like this will happen in the future. We live and learn, so I expect the future to be brighter.

We also have the Timmy Failure giveaways to look forward to!