Open Sesame! Well, that’s all I got.

The Creators have recently given us new sneak peeks! But do they just lead to more questions?

poptropica daily pop 2013 9

Open Sesame
What’s the password?

I think that Open Sesame is hinting at this “mall themed island,” because it’s a security lock and now look at these old sneak peeks:

poptropica daily pop 2013 12

This is as classy as it gets, folks

poptropica daily pop 2013 13

The Blueprint
Perhaps a white-print is a more accurate term

poptropica daily pop 2013 11

Eye in the sky
You’re never out of sight of security

  What do YOU think?

But this last one might be about something else.

poptropica daily pop 2013 10

Java Joe
Can’t start the day
without a fresh cuppa

A coffee shop might or might not be included in this “mall island.”

I personally think that this mall thing is going to come out very soon.


2 thoughts on “Open Sesame! Well, that’s all I got.

  1. A little off subject, but that last Daily Pop? Well, my class and I had to do an alliteration assignment for class. My alliteration for “J” is:

    Java Joe jolted to Java Jill’s Java Junction.
    ~Magic Onion

    Also, here is today’s language arts lesson:

    alliteration n: (a-li-ter-a-shun)
    the repetition of initial
    in adjacent words or

    ~Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Unknown Edition

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