Over 500 hits!

Yay! Even though the hits came mostly from myself, Dr. Magic Onion, Silver Wolf, and Sticky Clown, 500 hits is still a big accomplishment! I want to thank everyone who visits Adventure Time Pop a lot and even people who don’t visit THAT often. The exact number currently is 595 hits. See for yourself!adventure time pop hits 500

Anyway I, Spotted Dragon am going to start something new! Ever month I will pick a Poptropican/Adventurer of the month! I pick from viewers and authors who constantly visit Adventure Time Pop, who love Poptropica/Adventure Time, and are nice to people in the comments. I will not pick myself, however, if an author has a birthday in the month we are in, I will pick them, just because of their birthday and that includes myself. My birthday is this Sunday (Jan. 13), so I’m technically the Poptropican/Adventurer of January. If you do not include me then this will start in February. Good Luck to all! šŸ˜‰


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