Make Way for the Dr.

Hello, and I guess I’ll welcome myself to Adventure Time Pop.

I’m Dr. Magic Onion. You might have heard of me as being the administrator of Poptropica for Dummies. I am very excited to be doing this. This is officially my third blog. My first is Poptropica for Dummies, my second is a class blog that I am working on, and then there is this one.

Like everybody else in the apparently colliding worlds of Poptropica and Adventure Time, I go to school. I will try to post as often as possible, but I can’t make any promises.

If you have read my biography from Poptropica for Dummies, I live in Alaska, which is currently having nasty weather. So, if I am not posting for a while, I most likely have broken something. You would know the BEST possibility if you have read The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt. The main character in the story had severe bruising in this “area.”

Anyway, I better get off of here, before I get fired for posting that. Arigato!

4 thoughts on “Make Way for the Dr.

  1. Okay, since I’m the doctor, I demand my nurses to fetch me the scalpel, tweezers, sponge, and my laptop, logged onto Poptropica. STAT!

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