Silly (Joe) Puddy!

Silly Joe Puddy! 😛

Download Zomberry: Day Zero

Last December, we told you the Zomberry Island prologue in a six-part comic series. Now that Zomberry Island is available to everyone, we’ve got something even better: all six pages collected in a printable PDF!

Download Zomberry: Day Zero to read the comic from start to finish, along with some brand-new cover art. Follow the adventures of hapless construction worker Joe Puddy on what just might be the worst day of his life.

To download, right click and “save as”: Zomberry: Day Zero

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The Creators have announced the Zomberry Island Day Zero Comics! Yay! It’s been a LONG time since they’ve done a comic series for an island. I believe the last comic was for Super Power Island. Anyway, you should download your copy today! I hear that they’re selling out fast!

I just feel bad for that Silly (Joe) Puddy! Not only does silly puddy get stuck in your hair He’ll never eat fruit again. 😥


5 thoughts on “Silly (Joe) Puddy!

  1. Spotted Dragon,

    I think you are exploring my blog a tad much. I know the last comic was from Super Power Island because last summer I was really bored, so I looked at past posts on the PCB, and I found the comic for Super Power Island.

    Also, the comic for Super Power is a whole lot worse than the one for Zomberry. Trust me.

    Spotted Dragon: It is true that a visit your blog a lot, but I already knew that the last comic was from Super Power Island and since I visit Poptropica a lot I saw myself the post from the Creators.

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