That’s a keeper!

Number 1 album

Have you taken a look in your photo album recently? There are now 129 unique photos that you can collect by playing through Poptropica Islands. And each one records what you were wearing at the time the photo was taken, so that you can costumize from it later!

You can see your photos from your Poptropica Friends profile page. Just click the Friends icon at the top right of your game screen to get there. And then… say cheese!

avatar image

Have you gotten all 129 unique photos? Don’t feel ad if you haven’t! I only have 50, yet Ive beaten all 32 islands! And don’t expect me to do islands all over again just to get their pictures!

Anyway ATP has also gotten a new header! 🙂 We might move the words and stuff around a little, but I won’t be posting about it if there’s another change to it. It’s basically going to look the same as it is now, though. Hope you like it! 😉


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