See You in 100 Years

Well my last post was on Jan 24, but it was in the morning. Poptropolis Games has officially gone bye, bye.

And just like that, it’s gone

Right up until the last minute, we hoped it was a rumor. But it happened — the Poptropolis Games have returned to the seas from whence they came.

Will the Poptropolis Games ever come back to the surface? Let’s hope so!

avatar image

I’m going to miss it. 😥 Oddly enough I logged into Poptropica (last time I logged in I was on Poptropolis) and I was still on Poptropolis, alive and well! But when I left I couldn’t get back. 😦 Hopefully Poptropolis Games will rise again, soon!poptropica pgi sinking 4

So everyone go Plant-A-Statue, in honor of this wonderful island! Can you guess which island I planted my statue on?

poptropica pgi sinking 5

And if you want to meet me I am having a funeral for Poptropolis today. I won’t always be there, be there, but my Poptropican will be. The code is: ASB89 I hope you will come! 😉



8 thoughts on “See You in 100 Years

    • Thanks! But I can’t manually put you in as a fan. It does that automatically for people who comment a lot. But it’s not working the way I would like it to, so I’ll probably take it off.

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