Mall Activities

Just hanging out at the mall

What’s your favorite thing to do at the mall? Hit up the food court? Shop? Watch all the other people?

My favorite thing to do at the mall is solve crimes, but that doesn’t come up too much.

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Well I don’t really like going to the mall that much. But solving crimes sounds fun! I also love eating at the food court. And I do like buying Poptropica and Adventure Time stuff. πŸ˜‰ But watching other people? Nah… It’s not like I do that for fun! That would be weird! Ha… ha ha ha… ha. *cough* But enough about me. What do you like to do at the mall?


Wait a minute! Maybe we should look closer at this sneak peek. It doesn’t look like there’s anything interestingly odd in it, besides the fact that those T-Shirts are awesome. πŸ˜› Wouldn’t it be cool if we could wear them?!? Look! One has Dr. Hare! *cough* Anyway I wanted more hints for Night Watch Island! The only hint is at the store’s name. It says ITN, which the PHB thinks stands for In The Now. Mmmm. What do you think? As always, I’m lost!

In other news MMC guessed I planted a statue on Lunar Colony Island and he was correct! Congrats!


4 thoughts on “Mall Activities

  1. Spotted Dragon,

    You planting your statue on Lunar Colony was a pretty easy guess. You should’ve tried near the beack. Many Poptropica islands have beach sscenes. Just don’t give it away…

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