May the Tribes be With You…

Tribe time

The Poptropolis Games may be gone, but you can still join and leave Tribes to your heart’s content. Just go to your Friends profile page and click on your tribal icon. If you’re already in a tribe, press the “change tribe” button and you can choose a new one.

No matter what Tribe you’re a member of, you can enter that Tribe’s exclusive common room. Each one is different, so check ’em all out to figure out which Tribe is the best fit for you!

avatar image

Well, at least we still have our tribes and tribe common rooms. But we have sadly been reminded about Poptropolis Game’s visit to the deep blue.

In other news did you like the new Adventure Time episode, Little Dude? It didn’t really have much to do with the story line though, except the fact that Finn needs a new hat. And it wasn’t one of my favorites, but it sure was interesting.

Well, my shift is over!


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