Extra! Extra! Spread the Word and More!

Okay. I would love it if you all would spread the word about the ATP. We definitely need more viewers. Tell your friends, class mates, neighbors, family, anyone you can think of! We have a lot of new pages, soon to be more guides, and the ATP has been growing a lot! So I ask you to send the news! šŸ˜‰

Also, I was thinking we could have a weekly ATP newspaper. I have been inspired by Shy Singer on Poptropica Tips, who has a newspaper himself. I would of course not copy him and his style. I would put my own ATP twist on it and make it for Adventure Time and Poptropica. I think with your help it would be really cool.

But first things first. We need a name for this newspaper. Any ideas? I need it to imply Poptropica and AT though and we can’t copy Shy SInger’s newspaper name: Poptropica Press. I was thinking something like: The New Pop Times. Pop for Poptropica and Times for Adventure Times. But it doesn’t sound cool enough to me, so I need your help. šŸ˜€ Hopefully the newspaper will be up soon. And of course I will see if our Editor – Silver Wolf would like to contribute.

Well, my shift is over!



5 thoughts on “Extra! Extra! Spread the Word and More!

  1. DO THE SAME FOR ME!!! I’m positive that you have friends that play Poptropica! I need the hits! I’ve been up longer than you, and you have more hits than me!

    I also have an idea for a Newspaper title. It is the “Adventurous Poptropican Times”. If you like it, I can make an image for you!

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