Boardwalk Bad Boy

First off we have our Wimpy Boardwalk Island Guide finished! Yay! 😀 And this time it’s not written by me. It is written by the one, the only, the marvelous… Silver Wolf! Really… who else besides SW and me would it be? 😛 Anyway you can find the guide here, or under the Island Guides Page.

Also, you’re probably wondering the “bad boy” part of this post. Of course if you are a mega fan of AT, you would know already. The new episode coming Monday is called Bad Little Boy and it is another Fionna and Cake episode, but this time with Marshal Lee. So TNPT mentioned it and told you to look up the preview on You Tube and/or Cartoon Network’s blog, but if you’re too lazy I decided to be awesome and nice (mostly awesome) and just show you the preview right here. As Cartoon Network says: CHECK IT!


Well, my shift is over!



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