Apple it Up!

Zomberry Island walkthrough guide now available

Zomberry Island has been available to everyone for about a month now, but for those of you who are still stuck, help has arrived! You can now download the free Zomberry Island guide on your iOS and Android devices.

To download for your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, visit the App store.

To download for your Android device, download from Google Play.

Those zombies aren’t getting any better without your help. Get going!

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Well Zomberry Island has finally Appled it up!Or Androided it up. But that’s not as fun to say. Although we have the guide too. You can easily find it here and it’s made by Poptropicans, like you, therefore it has a better prospective! Probably…

Well, my shift is over!

(And if you haven’t noticed that’s my catchphrase now!)


5 thoughts on “Apple it Up!

  1. A couple of things,

    Personally, I don’t like your catchphrase. But that’s just me. Second, I’ve recently been thinking of a Poptropica for Dummies mobile app.

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