Book Worms

Book ’em!

It would be great to play Poptropica 24 hours a day, but sometimes your parents want to see you do something else, like read a book. But you don’t have to give up Poptropica entirely to satisfy your reading jones. If you haven’t checked out the Poptropica books yet, now’s a great time to do so!

Visit our Poptropica books page for more information about our illustrated novels, guide book, and activity books. Plus, from that page you can read the first chapter of Skullduggery Island, and download an exclusive Poptropica Mad Lib.

Happy reading!

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These books have been out a while. Although gamers, who don’t exactly read for fun, can read a gamer book, for fun! And it’ll get their parents off their case about “playing too much video games.” So get your Poptropica Books now! I especially like the Official Poptropica Guide Book that has guides, tips, and tricks for islands up to Wimpy Wonderland! 😀

Well, my shift is over!


2 thoughts on “Book Worms

  1. Spotted Dragon,

    You know, I give you permission to reblog the Poptropica for Dummies post to Adventure Time POP.

    The Doctor is Traveling,
    From Blog to Blog

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