Extra! Extra! Extras and Dungeons!

First off: The dungeon part. Tomorrow is the new episode of AT, called Vault of Bones. Here is the preview.

This video is NOT by me or the ATP team. It was made by AdventureTimeon on You Tube.

Okay my first reaction: I can’t wait! Is FP really evil? Or good? Or a chaotic neutral? Plus, I know what Finn means about holding on to the torch. Good times… 🙂

Second Reaction: Wait a minute. FP totally got a hair cut! She looks good, she looks good…

Third Reaction: (This reaction is not about the episode, just AT) I just realized something. OMG! Jeremy from the show Incredible Crew on Cartoon Network does the voice of Finn! What the heck?!? :shocked:


Anyway onto the extra part. As you can probably infer, this is about the TNPT. *crys* The TNPT is… is… is… wanting to get more awesome! You thought it was going to be discontinued or something? No way! 😆 We want to make the TNPT even more awesome. So we want ideas from you awesome viewers! Plus, if you need something to be advertised, just tell us! We might advertise it for you! 😀 So help us make the TNPT bigger and better!


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