True Shoppers

Okay, I have finished Night Watch Island, but apparently no one I know has finished it quick enough. So here it is!

Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of Night Watch Island!

Many Poptropicans have completed Night Watch Island. They’ve shopped ’til they’ve dropped; they’ve succumbed to mall madness. It was a wild weekend on Poptropica, that’s for sure.

We’d like to extend special congratulations to these players, who were the first 10 to complete Night Watch Island on its opening day!

1. Comical Thunder
of the Nightcrawlers
2. Dangerous Popper
of the Seraphim
3. Brave Eye
of the Nightcrawlers
4. Trusty Penguin
of the Wildfire
5. Wild Dolphin
of the Wildfire
6. Young Cheetah
of the Wildfire
7. Comical Bubbles
of the Nanobots
8. Wild Shark
of the Pathfinders
9. Messy Eagle
of the Seraphim
10. Prickly Shadow
of the Nanobots

Well done, one and all. And good luck to everyone else about to embark on this after-hours adventure!

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avatar image


Well, even though I don’t personally know these Poptropicans, congrats to them all! And just like the PHB, I’ll say a little comment for each member.

  1. She is definitely ready for the night shift! She’s already in uniform! Now that is commitment.
  2. Someone is… precautions… of aliens. Has she been abducted before? I wonder what it’s like…
  3. I can tell that she shopped at ITN (In the Now)! And as Dr. Magic Onion said: There’s no could clothes for boys there.
  4. A couple things. First off he made his own hat! Second, he knows his glitches! How else did he get that awesome ‘stache? And third, even though he clearly has a badge, you should be careful – he has a knife!
  5. Now he looks like a race car driver! Maybe his racing name would be something like Wildfire. I know where he shopped!
  6. In uniform, but still stylish!
  7. She can fly away with her wings to Night Watch Island, she doesn’t need a blimp. Plus she has her own soda and that means saving more money.
  8. Arrr! She’ll find er path te Night Watch Island lickadee-split! And buy some sparkle for er eye-patch, arr!
  9. Smart, yet stylish. She looks ready for her job.
  10. Last, but not least, the avatar fan! I’m not sure what his favorite island is, but my guess is Twisted Thicket. Go native or go home!

Anyway, congrats to all! 😉


8 thoughts on “True Shoppers

  1. Also this is what Binary Bard said:
    “Shop ’til you drop!”
    And this is what the PHB said:
    “Now you know who you’re going to call when chaos arises within the mall! Besides Gus, I mean.”

  2. I actually find it rude that the PHB is making some of those comments. It may be for fun, but for the Poptropican, it could be offensive.

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