Marcy & Simon’s Walk In Closet

What’s in your closet?

How many different looks do you see in this picture? Even with endless possibilities, we all tend to gravitate to our favorite looks. Which ones would you keep in your closet?

For inspiration, you can download this free Poptropica Crowd wallpaper, or print out a poster version.

Members, you can save 30 outfits to your closet. Is your closet stuffed to the gills, or is it bare and waiting for you to go shopping?

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Not a hugely important post. Just advertising their new desktop wallpaper/poster. Although some of those costumes are pretty awesome! I don’t know where they got some of them! How did they get a dog? Or a robot?!? Or… Balloon Boy? Cool. Balloon Boy has to be one of my favorite characters. 😛

Anyway, Simon & Marcy finally was aired. It definitely held some back story. I think that the “zombies” who chased them were mutated humans, almost beginner level candy people. And of course all the bubble gum and stuff, that was probably the beginning of the candy kingdom. What do you think? It was really confusing! 😕

One last thing! It is close to Spring Break, for me so I’ll be gone for a little, on a vacation. I’ll be gone for about 5 days (Be back on Sunday!) and I’m not sure I’ll get computer time. So I’m leaving Silver Wolf up to the task of keeping things under control. I will be here later today and maybe the morning of tomorrow though. Don’t worry! I’ll try to get something done about TNPT. See ya later. 😉

~SD (insert catchphrase here)

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