Back Lot Island, Header, Puhoy! Wait, What?

Back Lot Island is now available to Poptropica Members!

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Yeah! Back Lot Island is out! And you know who just finished it AND the bonus quest? That’s right! (Unless you were wrong) Me! I liked the island a lot too. It was filled with magic! Movie magic that is. You even get to act! It’s a ton of fun, especially if you want to be an actor/actress when you grow up. That’s why I liked it so much! It might even be one of my favorite islands. But not my top favorite. So you non-members are looking forward to an awesome island. It comes out for everyone on April 25, so it’s not that long of a wait.

Plus, there’s a new Poptropica log-in animation!

poptropica sneak peek bli 6

And for those of you who are just hyperventilating for at least another sneak peek of this island, here ya go…

poptropica sneak peek bli 1 poptropica sneak peek bli 2 poptropica sneak peek bli 3

So which look do I look best in? This make-up station will be available to you too when you get to play Back Lot Island. Although I’m not sure if it’s different for boys. Oh, and if you don’t like these looks, make your own with the lipstick in the lower left and the eyeliner (I think it’s eyeliner. I’m not really in to make-up.) in the lower right. Or if you turn out looking terrible, just click the make-up remover. Hope you liked that sneak peek!

The ATP also got a new header! It is somewhat like Back Lot Island. The closet of costumes in the back are like all the stars of Poptropica! Kind of like movie stars! Right? Anyway, here’s a closer look at it:


In other news, here is the preview of the upcoming Adventure Time, called Puhoy! This episode even has CMO, which is like BMO, but smaller, has a different color, and has less buttons. Anyway here ya go! The video is by Portable Potatoes, not anyone from Adventure Time Pop.

“…how about an entire… Pillow World!” This looks interesting, don’t ya think? As always, I can’t wait!!!


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