Virus Hunters Away!

Recently lots of people have figured out the next island coming to Poptropica… Virus Hunter Island! This island is named for the many human body sneak peeks we have been seeing. PHB viewer, Aang found a site that has pictures of characters from different islands. To view the site go here. It has characters from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Zomberry, Night Watch, Back Lot, and Virus Hunter! Here it is:

poptropica sneak peek vhi 1

The PHB suspects that Dr. Lange, a character shown above, could be named after a Poptropica game designer Ashley Lange. Some people like Silver Wolf think that Dr. Lange could be evil. She does have red goggles, similar to Dr. Hare’s and a white lab coat. Could this equal pure evil? Dr. Lange has also been shown in some of the human body/science sneak peeks. Tough Spider, a PTFP viewer, on the other hand thinks that Bert Shell looks suspicious. But who really knows?

We do know however that Virus Hunter Island is in fact the next islands name because redirects to Poptropica. So we have figured out the next island, yet again before the Creators told us.

Virus Island also will take place in a gym, considering the 3 gym characters shown above. It does make sense, considering a healthy body needs exercise. So what do you think Virus Hunter Island will be like? Is Dr. Lange really evil? Who created this “virus?” Who has this “virus” inside them? Why am I asking so many questions that no one can confidently answer?!?

Tell us your opinion and stay tuned at the ATP for more news about this new island!


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