Just a Poll Party Post

Hey guys! A friend at school who visits the ATP a lot, even though rarely comments wanted me to make more polls. So why not? I decided to have a little post for polls for her! Hopefully she will start to comment more often. To see all the polls in this party and more click the Continue reading link below.

First up… What did you think of Puhoy? It was really confusing to me.

Second is… What other emotions should Poptropica have in multi-player rooms? To me mad, sad, happy, and laughing isn’t enough! They should have embarrassed, confused, other stuff like that!

Third! What other talking sections should Poptropica multi-player rooms have? I always feel bad when I’m having fun with someone, but I have to leave. How do I tell them? I think there should be another taking section that’s not random, but a list of things that aren’t questions. Like I got to go, or hey there!

Thy next is forth! πŸ˜› What is your favorite AT character? Mine is Marceline if you’re going with coolness and BMO for cuteness. I also love Gunter! And who couldn’t like the snail? πŸ˜‰

Okay… I said to click Continue reading for polls and more, so here comes the more part.

BMO Lost (next AT episode) Preview! By PortablePotatoes.

And you know what my friend is probably thinking? When can we do this again?!? Oh oh oh oh!


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