More Lego!

You thought this would be about the Lego Dr. Hare Project, didn’t you? Sorry, but no. Although this news is still flippin’ awesome! Get ready for… Lego Adventure Time! Yeah! :mrgreen: This Adventure Time Project was created by jazlecraz on Lego CUUSOO! Here’s some of the details, directly from the project:

Each section of the tree fort is accessible through removable wall panels to reveal accurately detailed interiors. All of the rooms are connected through a series of doors, bridges and ladders. Even the trunk is completely hollow, allowing Finn and Jake to enter the fort through the treasure room at the base and proceed through to the lower living quarters.

Idea Image

Each room comes to life with furniture recreated from the show. There’s the treasure room, bathroom, lower living room, weapon room, attic, upper living room and bedroom, all ready for exploration!

Doesn’t it sound awesome?!? It even comes in a micro set if it’s too big for you. The creator of this project is also coming up with designs for other characters!

Idea Image

What time is it? LEGO TIME!

The Adventure Time Project has been initiated in an attempt to bring the land of Ooo to life in LEGO form. If you love Adventure Time and like the idea of building and displaying your very own set piece from the show, then please show your support by voting for this project!

Go here to show your support for this project and to find out even more! They are currently at 1,839 votes! (At the time this post was made) 😀

In related news here is the next episode’s trailer. It’s called Princess Potluck and the video is by the awesome PortablePotatoes!



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