Deal Time

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Okay, okay. I’ll make everyone a deal. If we get 4 people entered in the Who Wants to Play Video Games Contest (that means 2 more people) then I will start announcing the CDO 10 announcements! Sound good? I’m sorry to the 2 people who have entered the contest. 😦

Okay, let’s make it better… if we get 4 people entered I will start the CDO 10 announcements and… um… I’ll make an ATP wallpaper! Yeah! That way you can save it as your desktop wallpaper! Now sound good? πŸ™‚

And if you don’t want to be an author, but still want to enter the contest, just tell us! You can still enter! So tell your friends, tell people who don’t even come to the ATP that much! Go! πŸ˜‰


EDIT: Only 1 person to go! And remember, you can enter more than once! Make a BMO costume and a hybrid of me and SW! Go ahead, it’ll give you a better chance of winning!

EDIT #2: Still only 1 person to go! come on! New deal! Since there is only 1 person to go I’ll give you the wallpaper now. But if we get to 4 people I’ll make another wallpaper. If we get to 5 I’ll make another wallpaper! BTW: You can enter more than once and it will count as another person! Just make your costume on something else. If you did BMO, do the hybrid now. If you did the hybrid, do BMO. Or just do a different type of hybrid! :mrgreen:

Here is wallpaper #1…

ATP wallpaper 1

22 thoughts on “Deal Time

  1. NO-ONE is active on my blog 😦 😦 its like one person comments once or twice then leaves 😦 😦

    • The CDO 10 stands for the Count Down of 10. It’s this special thing the ATP has been doing. If you click the category Count Down of 10, you can see all the posts about it. πŸ˜‰

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