April Showers Bring Hero Powers

Okay, weird title, I know. 😆 But by heroes I mean… Poptropicans and Adventurers! Of the month to be exact. And the powers… um… their power of being featured in an ATP post! Plus it rhymed with showers. Anyway, let’s move on.


The Poptropican is… *drum roll in background*

Sleepy Feather! *Crowd goes wild!* Yes, yes, calm yourselves! I’m sure Sleepy Feather is even more excited than you.

SF deserved to be the Poptropican of the month because she helped the ATP and became a recurring fan! Most of our new Percy Jackson costumes came from SF and she is a loyal fan! She also entered in the Who Wants to Play Video Games contest! 😉 Congrats Sleepy Feather!


The Adventurer is… *no drum roll* What’s the hold up drummer boy?!? *drum roll starts up in background*

Silver Wolf! *Crowd looks confused* What? Authors can win this! Because I chose the winners, the authors know nothing about my decision. *Crowd slowly grows louder to an applause* That’s more like it.

SW deserves to be the adventurer of the month because she is… awesome! She has been a part of the ATP since pretty much the beginning, through thick and thin. And there aren’t many people you follow the ATP because of Adventure Time, although AT is one of SW’s favorite shows. I’m very thankful to have Wolfy on the ATP Team. 😉 Congrats Silver Wolf!


Well that’s it! Unless you want another poll. I don’t know why everyone likes polls so much!

BTW: That poll has my favorite shows, except Spongebob. I kinda threw that one in. 🙂 I like Adventure Time, then Bravest Warriors, Gravity Falls, Regular Show, and Gumball.


4 thoughts on “April Showers Bring Hero Powers

  1. *partying* I’m Poptropican of the Month! Yayayayayay! I’m so happy, excited, jubilant, whatever you say!

  2. Yay!!!! I got adventurer of the month!!! :mrgreen: Oh my goodness…. I don’t know whether to pick AT, The Regular Show, or The Amazing World of Gumball…. Hmm….

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