The TIB Party

Hey everyone! We’ve already advertised this, but… It’s the TIB’s Anniversary! Whoo! Take a look, straight from the TIB itself:

Hey guys! Are you ready for……….. the TIB 1 Year Anniversary Party! I know I am! We will be going on Poptropica and Club Penguin (room code and server will be commented on the chat by me.) For more party plans look down in the picture below!


Hopefully, some of my authors will be able to come. Also, Spotted Dragon, StaraptorXD, and Silver Wolf will be considered as authors for the party if no authors come. They are my candidates for my new TIB author! Surprise! Anyway, I have got an a 2nd surprise! Everyone screams: Another Surprise! TI: Of course! It’s the TIB’s Birthday! I made a video for the TIB! It’s about the party, that’s all I’m saying! To see the video on the post (this one) it has to get at least 15 likes! Is it too hard to pull off? If you really want to see the video, get people to come and like the post!


I don’t know about you, but I want to see this video! So like this post if you want, but it’s more important to like the post on the TIB. Click here to see it! And what is this?!? Me, Silver Wolf, and StaraptorXD might become authors! Yay! So vote for me if you want! Or SW… or StaraptorXD. But the TIB is very popular. It even gets mentioned on the PHB! So this is huge!!! 🙂


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