Ready For A POP Quiz?

Are you a pop quiz whiz?

Have you been keeping up with your pop quizzes lately? No, not the lame ones that your teachers make you take. The fun ones that you can take on Poptropica!

When you log in with your existing Poptropica username, you’ll be greeted with a new quiz every day. These questions will get to the very core of who you are. You may end up knowing yourself a little better because of them. Maybe you never thought before today about whether or not you find clowns scary. But looking at those pictures up there, the answer’s obvious, isn’t it?

So head over to Poptropica and start sharing your unique personality with the world!

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Well, I’ve taken all the quizzes. I have none left. πŸ˜› So lets have a little Adventure Time POP Quiz, shall we?

When was the ATP created?

A: January 13, 2013

B: December 30, 2012

C: January 1, 2013

D: December 31, 2013

Is Spotted Dragon ______?

A: A girl who acts and fits in with boys

B: A boy who acts and fits in with girls

C: A normal girl

D: A really shy girl that hardly anyone knows about.

Does Silver Wolf hate ______?

A: Kittens

B: Pixie Hollow

C: Captain Crawfish

D: Drama Movies

There was your quiz! Take some guesses in the comments! Silver Wolf can’t answer them though. πŸ˜› Do you really know the ATP? Find out in the next issue of TNPT! πŸ˜‰


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