The New Max Steel!

First, I want to congratulate Silver Wolf on being an author on the TIB! Whoo! 😀 Second, I want to say sorry for TNPT Issue being late. 😦 I couldn’t go to the TIB party yesterday and I was really busy today. I’ll try to finish it, but I’m busy tomorrow too. ANYWAY! Back to what this post is mostly about.

You know that Max Steel post? Well I already told you that was gone. But now there’s something new up! “Scholastic Summer” is in your backpack.

This could mean that we’ll only get to keep our ad items until a new ad replaces the previous one, as commenter Fruitbat7777 on the PHB thinks.

Scholastic Summer

PHB Picture

When you click the tab it says “You don’t have any items for this campaign yet. Explore Poptropica to see what you can find!” Just like the previous Max Steel tab. Hopefully more information will come out soon! We’ll tell you, when we know! 😉


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