Count Down for the Count Down!

Okay. The 4th person has entered the WWTPVG (Who Wants To Play Video Games) contest! Finally, yay! 🙂 And, as promised we are going to release another wallpaper and start the CDO 10.

Although I have heard from 2 other people that they are making a costume. So, I will wait 1 week (starting now) for them. After that 1 week we will start announcing the CDO 10 and announce the WWTPVG contest! 😉 Sorry for the wait…

But I’m not that mean, so I’ll give you our next wallpaper! Here ya go!

ATP wallpaper 2

Like it? I do! Hopefully those 2 people will sign up soon. Then we can release 2 more wallpapers! The next one is about Silver Wolf. (I’m not too modest!) 🙂

Oh! And thank Cool Smarticle for entering the contest! CS was the 4th person. Good luck to anyone in the contest! I’m picking the winners. And I’ve decided to five out a 4th place prize! The prizes might change a little though, just to warn you. 😉


P.S. We also need to decide on our new header!


2 thoughts on “Count Down for the Count Down!

  1. Your welcome! Oh! My name is featured in the post! 😀 Also, I like your wallpaper too! The 25% Adventure Time is so true!

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