Status Update!

Everyone cheer! (Crowd cheers) :mrgreen:

Audience Member: Why are we cheering?!?

Because… 1 out of the 2 people who needed to sign up for the WWTPVG contest signed up! Yay! That person, of course, was Silver Wolf! Thank you!

And you guys know what that means! Another wallpaper! This one is perfect too. Silver Wolf was the 3rd person, so let this wallpaper come to be and it’s about Silver Wolf. Here ya go folks! 🙂

ATP wallpaper 3

Like it? A lot like my Spotted Dragon Percentage Wallpaper, but Silver Wolf style. 😎 Which wallpaper will you use? 1, 2, 3, or none? Or maybe this mysterious 4th paper that hasn’t been released?!?

Anyway, there’s some more news! Here are the ATP header results:

Virus Hunter Island – 2 votes – 40%

Adventure Time In General – 2 votes – 40%

Pop & AT aka Regular – 1 vote – 20%

Thank you to everyone who voted! No one chose any of the other options though. I know, I know Pop & AT is outta here, but VH Island and AT in General are tied. However I was leaning toward one myself, made a header for it just in case, and it turned out pretty awesome. So our new header is a…

Virus Hunter Island Header!!!

ATP header virus hunter island

Like it? I love making art on my computer for the ATP! Finn is even fighting a virtual virus! 😀 Hopefully I can show you guys more art soon. That 1 person I’m counting on still has until May 26! 😉


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