Announcement #2

And the crowd goes wild!!! :mrgreen: That’s right! The 2nt Announcement! The first announcment will take a while, that’s why I posted it first. This next one will take a bit too.

The ATP is having… a…




Costume Contest! Huzzah! πŸ™‚ It’s not a huge contest like the recent one we had though. This one is… short and sweet. Oh and your not making the costume! πŸ˜†

First of all, if you win you will get one of these costumes on Poptropica:

ATP Giveaway - Greedy Leaf ATP Giveaway - Lazy Sword

Looks awesome, right? Anyway, here are all Da Rules and instructions…

Da Rules

So you comment below saying how you found the ATP, your favorite island on Poptropica, your favorite Poptropica quote, your favorite Adventure Time episode, your favorite AT quote, and which costume you want. Here’s an example:

Finding the ATP: I found the ATP by looking at the Poptropica Web Directory on the PHB (Poptropica Help Blog).

Favorite Island: Reality T.V. Island

Favorite Poptropica Quote: “I ain’t helpin’ nobody who don’t know who Bucky Lucas is!” Said by the female cashier in Mike’s Market on Reality T.V. Island.

Favorite Episode: Card Wars

Favorite Adventure Time Quote: “BMO chop! If that were a real attack, you would be dead.” Said by BMO in the episode Card Wars.

Costume: I would like Greedy Leaf.

Okay, got it? ATP Authors: No entering, sorry. All the ATP Authors will vote for their favorite answer. We are looking for unique answers. They could be funny, sad, exciting, whatever. Good luck! πŸ˜‰




19 thoughts on “Announcement #2

  1. Finding the ATP: Through the TIB – I saw SD commenting and clicked on her name.

    Favorite Island: Hmmm… can I have two? I’m dying here! Zomberry Island and Counterfeit Island.

    Favorite Poptropica Quote: “You’re disturbing my precious poodle on her walkie-walkies!” – Rich woman in zebra print, Cryptids Island.

    Adventure Time Episode: Marceline’s Closet!

    Adventure Time Quote: “Sleds are for suckers! Just ride on my gut!” – Jake, can’t remember what episode.

    Costume: Either would be fine!

  2. Black Widow: Now Alfie, Whats your favourite Adventure Time Episode?

    Alfie: Well, My Favourite Episode In Adventure Time is JAKE THE DAD

    Black Widow: Why?

    Alfie: Because..

    Black Widow: Because What?

    Alfie: Because, It Shows How Dad Look After His Children..

    Black Widow: Ok, Whats Your Favourite Quote In Adventure Time?

    Alfie: My Favourite Quote in Adventure Time is..”Who Wants To Play Video Games” Said by Beemo..

    Black Widow: Well Said, Apple Bed..

    Alfie: Whats Apple Bed?

    Black Widow: Nothing.. Now The Last Question!!

    Alfie: Yay!!

    Black Widow: What Costume Would You Like?

    Alfie: Now, I love my costumes.. So I don’t think I have to answer this..

    Black Widow: YOU HAVE TO ANSWER IT!!

    Alfie: Ok Then.. I would like Gabriel’s Costume ( My Brother’s )

    Black Widow: Your Interview with me will be read by people from Planet Earth..

    An Alien Ended This Conversation..

    • Black Widow: Now Alfie, You must tell me what costume would you like to win..

      Alfie: Well, I want to win the Greedy Leaf Costume..

      Black Widow: Why! Alfie.. Why!!

      Alfie: Umm.. Because it has a floating beard πŸ™‚
      I always wanted posiedons beard!! πŸ˜€

      Black Widow: Now thats the

      Captain Crawfish: Ey! Thats My Part! *Pushes Black Widow Off the Stage*

      Now, Thats the end of the show folks!

      *Captain Crawfish Bows*
      No One Applause..

      *Black Widow Bows*
      Only the Spiders Applause..

      *Alfie Bows*
      Lots Of People Applause πŸ™‚ ( But not everyone .. )


  3. Well, I’m Alfie and I’m here to enter my first ever contest on the ATP Blog πŸ™‚

    Captain Crawfish: Now, Alfie.. You must answer the following questions provided to you by Black Widow. Once you are ready to start, type in READY!

    Alfie: READY!

    Black Widow: How exactly did you find The Blog? “ATP”

    Alfie: Well, I was looking for some people to hire..

    Black Widow: Why?

    Alfie: Well, I was assembling the iSplazo Team..

    Black Widow: What?

    Alfie: I’ll answer those later.. Now continuing on..
    I stumbled upon this site..

    Black Widow: How!?

    Alfie: Umm.. I typed in Poptropica At P and axxidently clicked enter..

    Black Widow: What happened net!!

    Alfie: Umm..I saw Poptropica Adventure Time?
    Adventure Time caught my attention!

    Black Widow: Why? I thought You liked Poptropica?

    Alfie: Let me finish you.. Ok.. I never saw a combination of Poptropica and Adventure Time ” Except for the ad that featured in Poptropica i think about 1 to 4 years ago.. ”

    Well, I became attatched to the blog’s post and yeah. Thats How I found Poptropica ATP.

    Black Widow: Nice, Nice.. Now.. What is your favourite island?

    Alfie: Oh! Easy! My favourite island is umm..

    Black Widow: Wha?

    Alfie: Uh..oh! SUPER POWER ISLAND!

    Black Widow: Why?

    Alfie: So i can get out my angel costume and fly. I actually look quite nice when im flying πŸ™‚ I Usually pretend Im Super Man.. TeeHee..

    Black Widow: Ok! My Favourite island is.!

    Dr Hare: Black Widow.. Get back there and Question Alfie!

    Black Widow: huh? oh! Sorry.. Now.. Alfie, what isyour favourite poptropican quote?

    Alfie: Well, my favourite quote is “I Cant Get Up, I’m Too Hydrated..”
    I like that quote because it ussually happens to me. Boy, I get hydrated quite fast..

    Lie Detector: Sensed Alfie Lied at ” Boy, I Get Hydrated Quite Fast..”

    Alfie: ..At least that bit wasn’t related to the question..

    Black Widow: ( Destroys Lie Detector )

    Lie Detector: Sensed Black Widow Lied at ” ( Destorys Lie Detector )

    To be Continued..

  4. Finding the ATP:I found it when you mentioned it in a PHB post.

    Favourite Island:Hmm….I like Night Watch for the cool stuff Skullduggery for the fighting,Reality TV for the fun,and Mystery Train,Ghost Story,and Counterfeit. for the mystery and places.

    Favourite Poptropica Quote:”How did I end up between these two bickering critics?”

    -Middle Critic in the Movie Theatre of Back Lot complaining about the 2 ‘bickering critics’ who continuously talk about which is the best seat-the front row or the back row.

    (Episode and AT quote not applicable)

    Costume:I’d like Greedy Leaf,because of how unique the costume is!

  5. Finding the ATP: Cool Smarticle found it and told me about it. (Thanks CS! I owe you! πŸ˜‰ )

    Favorite Island: SOOOOOOOOOO OBVIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! ITS THE…………………………………………………………………… STEAMWORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BECAUSE I LOVE THIS ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GEARS ARE COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THE MECH PILOT COSTUME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Favorite Poptropica Quote: “Rock it with Sprocket!” 1st SteamWorks island photo caption.

    Favorite Episode: I love the Flame Princess episodes. The first meeting with the Flame Princess (episode Incendium) was pretty good. I guess that makes Incendium my favorite episode! In other words, I like the same as CS. (I owe you again CS!)

    Favorite Adventure Time Quote: β€œI like you” *awkward silence then Flame princess slaps Finn* Flame Princess: β€œWHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU!” XD Again, same as CS! (Man CS I owe you the my whole left foot right now!!!!!!)

    Costume: Lazy Sword!!!!!!!! I like the monkey ears……… “Oh, oh, ah, ah!!!!!” πŸ˜€

  6. Aw… I can’t participate… Oh well! I love to see other people’s creations, and I want to see who wins that isn’t an author. …Just to sum it up, I can’t wait for the contest to have lots of contestants! πŸ˜€

  7. Finding the ATP: I found the ATP by looking on Poptropica Tips For Poptropicans, (Silver Wolf’s Blog).

    Favorite Island: My favorite island just so happens to be Monster Carnival Island, the island that never became an actual island. The item leaks I’ve heard about seem very interesting and unique! I hope one day Monster Carnival will return as an actual island!

    Favorite Poptropica Quote: “And you? You set me up! Man, I can’t stand anyone in this room – well accept for me… Me, I like.”, Said by my Poptropican when Black Widow tied her and the “strange man” up on Counterfeit Island.

    Favorite Episode: That’s a tough question. I love the Flame Princess episodes. The first meeting with the Flame Princess (episode Incendium) was pretty good. I guess that makes Incendium my favorite episode!

    Favorite Adventure Time Quote: Finn: “I like you” *awkward silence then Flame princess slaps Finn* Flame Princess: “WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU!” XD

    Costume: It would be nice to Greedy Leaf, becuz I don’t have his shirt, but it really doesn’t matter to me! Either one is fine! πŸ˜€

  8. Finding the ATP: I hired the owner (Spotted Dragon) to my blog. As I was looking at the user settings right after she was hired, I found out that she started a blog.

    Favorite Island: My favorite island is Mystery Train Island because I like mystery books (the Cam Jensen series in particular). I also enjoy Cryptids Island for its bigfoot exploration (I’m a bigfoot fanatic), and Ghost Story Island for its mystery theme, and its leading into the culpirt slowly, rather than just rushing into it.

    Favorite Poptropica Quote: “For some reason the dog has stopped scratching at the floor”, said the male security guard in the bank vault on Ghost Story Island.

    Favorite Episode: (Not applicable)

    Favorite Adventure Time Quote: (Not applicable)

    Costume: I would very kindly like Greedy Leaf, pretty please, will 1,000,000 credits on top!

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