Adventure Time Update!

Okay, first off I hope you guys like our new Episodes Page! 😉

Anyway, anyway I wanted to show you the preview for the next episode: One Last Job by the Youtuber PortablePotatoes!

😐 Um………………… this looks way more serious than normal AT episodes. AWESOME! Maybe it will have a ton of back story!

Secondly! There is a Blu-Ray DVD of AT, Season 1 that you can get on Amazon. But introducing this video by the YouTuber PortablePotatoes!

That’s right! Season 2 of AT (and a bunch of special features) coming June 4! Wait… that was yesterday! :mrgreen: You can also probably get this on Amazon. Go to our new Episodes Page to see all 26 awesome episodes that will be featured in the DVD! 😀



6 thoughts on “Adventure Time Update!

  1. I LOVE the new Episodes Page! There are so many I haven’t seen… 😯 Anyway, the upcoming show looks A LOT more serious than the others… Hmm… YES!!! DVDs! I can finally watch the shows in order without using the internet! 🙂

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