Of Milestones and Prizes

Newscaster: Ladies and gentlemen, and now a post from the Poptropica Creator’s blog and an update on the Lego Cuusoo project.

LEGO CUUSOO: The next milestone approaches, and so does a new prize!

Minions, we are verging on another major milestone in the march to get our LEGO CUUSOO project fully supported. As I write this, we have nearly crossed the 7,000-supporter mark.

By now, you know the drill. If we can reach 7,500 supporters — three-quarters of the way to our goal! — we’ll be handing out a new, free item.

The “Dr. Hare Ears” power will become available via a code if, and only if, we make it to 7,500 supporters. So don’t wait around. Help us reach our goal and move one step closer to making “Dr. Hare’s Lair” a reality!

avatar image

So it looks like we were wrong. We don’t get a cool pink jumpsuit. We get the power to give people pink bunny ears.
Oh well. At least I can get one step closer to looking like Dr. Hare without buying the toy, but I was really looking forward to that suit! A new thing for my wardrobe!
-Sleepy Feather out!

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