Who’s Sleepy, sitting exams this week and making her first-err…second-post on the ATP?

“Yours truly…Sleepy Feather! Hosted by our master of ceremonies, the one and only…CAESAR FLICKERMAN!” the man yelled. The crowd began cheering and yelling out my name as I walked on stage for my introductory interview with Caesar, come all the way from Panem, several millennia in the future, to do this interview.

“So, Sleepy, this must be a big thing for you?” Caesar asked after I had sat down in one of the big plush red armchairs. I nod, too excited that I am here to speak. “Could you explain how you went and made the transition from active poster to author?”

“I won the Who Wants to Play Video Games contest,” I reply nervously.

“So what are your favorite books, movies, islands, episodes and characters?” Caesar asks.

“Well, I would say the Hunger Games for books and movies-” I was cut off by a chortle from the audience, “-but actually, my favourite book is…well, I don’t have a favourite. And for movies I like My Fair Lady, Aladdin and Mulan! I love Disney. And as for islands, I’ll have to be torn between Counterfeit and Mythology. I like Simon and Marcy as for episodes. And for characters, on Poptropica I like Black Widow, Gretchen Grimlock and El Mustachio. On AT, I like Marceline most.”

“Okay, look like that wraps it up. Goodbye, Sleepy!”


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