Beta Carrotene Sounding Off!

Thank the Poptropica Help Blog for this heads up!

Brave Tomato recently checked out the 24 Carrot Island Info Page on Poptropica and found something interestingly exciting! :mrgreen:

poptropica update 24 carrot island 1

Looks like members will be able to test out this new “Poptropica Sound.” Sounds awesome! πŸ˜€ Apparently the test will have a larger screen and better navigation as well. The larger screen sounds great, although this “better navigation” is probably the common room cursor we’ve seen. 😦

On the bright side it looks like members are able to get the pink jumpsuit that we though would be our LEGO CUUSOO prize! So we get ears and this!

I can’t wait until the members can test it out. I’ll have to go renew my membership!

Try to keep a look out for anything relating to 24 Carrot Island. We’ll look out too. Hopefully, if the test is successful then other islands with get sound too. πŸ˜‰


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