The Spotted Show – Episode 1

Hey guys. This is the ATP’s last story that we have ready for our new page. Although it’s not exactly a story, it’s a chat show! Yep, that’s right, Spotted Dragon will be interviewing Poptropicans and Adventurers around the world! They could be famous, or just a commenter on the ATP. Who knows? Maybe you could be interviewed by me someday! 😉

Anyway, I’ve just made the first episode. I’ll show you the first part of it now and the second part later.

I want to thank Magic Star for inspiring this show though. Go here to see her chat show! Anyway, let the show begin!

Intro Voice – Welcome to The Spotted Show, with your host… Spotted Dragon!

*curtains open*

ATP The Spotted Show Room

SD – Sup my spotted peeps! Glad to be here! This is my first show so I hope it turns out spotted! And by spotted I mean awesome. So here on The Spotted Show I will interview Poptropicans and Adventurers who comment on the ATP or just some really famous Poptropicans.  For our first guest, the Poptropican who inspired The Spotted Show… Magic Star! Is she famous or a commenter you ask? She is a commenter, but I’m sure she’ll be famous soon. 😉

*audience laughs*

SD – Here she is folks!

MS – Hi everyone! It’s a pleasure to be on the show!

ATP The Spotted Show Room - Magic Star

SD – It’s pleasure having you Magic! So, you have a chat show of your own right?

MS – Yes, I started it last year; it’s called Magic: the chat show.

SD – First, awesome name. It really says that it’s a chat show. 😆 Second, what is your show about?

MS – It’s where I interview all the famous, rich, and good-looking Poptropicans out there! They’re a celebrity – you’ll have seen them on my show. Why, I contacted your manager just today, Spotted Dragon…

SD – What?!? My manager get’s to be on your show and not me?!?

*audience laughs*

SD – Oh! Yeah, right, I was joking… can’t wait MS! If you decide to go through with it, let’s hope my manager gets things correct this time. Lets just say I’ve had some trouble in the past. Anyway, who have you interviewed before?

*A dark look crosses Magic Star’s face. She quickly brightens her smile*

MS – Well, so far, we’ve had Silver Moon from the Creators’ Committee, Cool Rider – star of The Creator Games, Wizard Spellmore from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Astro Knights, Christie Cookie – sister of Betty Brownie and a VERY well known celebrity, and finally Shiny Shell- er, Diamond; an up and coming fashion model!

SD – Cool, cool.

*turns to audience*

SD – I’ve seen every episode and LOVE the show. Shiny Shell, er, um Diamond was very… pretty? Yeah, pretty.

*turns back to MS*

SD – So can you give us an inside scoop of upcoming episodes?

*Another dark look crosses the celebrity’s face*

MS – Well, I had a chat with the show’s director this morning… but everything’s fine, oh, yes, fine as can be…

*A suspicious look appears on SD’s face, but she tries to recover quickly*

SD – Okay… I’m glad everything’s going good! Um… Would you like to say anything to the audience or ask me anything?

MS – Well, SD, I’m sure we’d all like to know a bit more about you… did you say you started your career at the Academy for Young and Promising Poptropicans TOO!

*SD rolls eyes*

SD –  🙄 Is that rumor still going around? I would say that’s partly true. I’m still waiting for the reply, but yes, I’ve tried to get into the AYPP. Even though I already went to North Creator State, just to get my main schooling done, I wanted to see if I could get into a better school to get my masters degree in Poptropical Exploring, Pop Art, and Pop Gaming.

MS – Oh! I always wanted to study Pop Art… the only one I ever got to do was Poptropical Exploring.

SD – I know, I know, it’s a lot. Just like this first episode. I didn’t know that chat shows were this hard! You don’t even get a script!

Intro Voice – We’ll be right back, after this!

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ATP The Spotted Show Ad 1

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I hope you like it so far! I’ll post the second part soon. 🙂


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