The Spotted Show – E1 – Part 2

Here is part 2 everybody! I hope you like it! 😀 And I want to give a special thanks to Magic Star, who let me interview her!

Intro Voice – Welcome back to… The Spotted Show!

SD – Hey ha hey everybody! Glad to be back! If you’re just tuning in I’ve just been chatting with Magic Star here and letting our viewers know what her own chat show is all about! 😉

*Dr Hare walks on stage*

Dr Hare – Ah! There you are Magic Star! You weren’t in your normal studio. I see you’re interviewing another fool! 😈

SD – Uh… Dr Hare everybody!

*audience slowly starts to applause*

*SD whispers to MS*

SD – Magic, do you know why Dr Carrot Crazy is here for you?

*MS whispers to SD*

MS – I think so. He looks like he’s in an evil mood – perhaps if we go along with it, we can distract him!

*MS turns to Dr Hare*

MS – Dr Hare! So, um, fantastic to see you! I think you’ve got the wrong facts though – Spotted Dragon here is interviewing me! Would you like to join us?

Dr Hare – Well… Why not? The camera always seems to love me!

SD – Glad to have you Dr Hare! I’ll even go get you some carrot juice for you. I’ll be right back… 😉

*SD winks at MS*

Dr Hare – Why thank you Spotted. You look familiar… Anyway what is SD doing interviewing you?

*MS looks relieved that Dr Hare hasn’t done anything evil yet. She picks up her water glass and tips it back, only to remember that she has already finished it. MS puts the glass down, embarrassed, but luckily the audience don’t seem to notice anything wrong – neither with the water glass nor with the situation*

MS – SD and I are great friends, Dr Hare. Umm… I heard you were great friends with the famous director Carson Willis. Is this true?

*MS knows it’s not true – she’s just trying to stall. She nervously glances towards the door that SD just exited through*

Dr Hare – No, no we are not great friends at all! He wouldn’t produce the film I wrote about me! It was going to be a great production! It had all the good movie characteristics! Drama… Romance! Suspense! It would have been the best thing since Night of the Living Carrots.

*Now to SD, while Dr Hare continues complaining*

SD – Err… umm… what should I do?!? Why is that bunny so crazy?!? Why do I always talk to myself?

*SD is in her dressing room. She glances at her mini-fridge*

SD – Hmmm…

*SD grabs a water bottle out of the fridge, some carrots, puts a bunch of potted plants on a cart, and leaves the room*

SD – But where would I find the – Oh yeah!

*SD rushes to the dumpster outside, where she picks up a lot of card board boxes. She then finds an empty closet and goes to work*

*Now back to MS and Dr. Hare on stage*

MS – Romance, you say? …

Dr Hare – You heard correctly.

MS – *forces a smile* And who would be the, em, lucky lady, then?

Dr Hare – *confused* I’m sorry?

MS – The lucky lady?

Dr Hare – Is lady a new word for “Carrot”

MS – Huh?

Dr Hare – She was a beautiful carrot, she was.

*Audience laughs uncomfortably*

MS – I’m sure she was, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha *trails off uncomfortably*

MS – *collecting herself* So do you think you could tell us a bit more about this movie?

Dr Hare – *adjusts himself in his chair* I sure could. So, the opening scene is me relaxing in my Cryptids Island mansion, watching a surround sound, blu-ray DVD whilst relaxing in a hot tub full of bubble bath and sipping a cup of fine dark hot chocolate, imported from South America…

*Having successfully distracted the vile villain, Magic Star relaxes a little in her chair*

*SD suddenly bursts through the door*

SD – Dr. Hare! I have a special treat for you, since I couldn’t find the carrot juice.

Dr Hare – A surprise for me? How nice! Wait – I don’t like nice!

*SD and MS exchange glances. SD looks stressed*

SD – Um… I think your confused. You should like when people do nice things for you! Because a nice thing could be… letting you take over the world!

Dr Hare – Oh! Right, right.

*MS, Dr Hare, and the Camera Man follow SD off stage. The Camera Man’s camera view appears on the TV on stage.*

SD – Here we are!

Dr Hare – This is it? My own closet, really? ……I LOVE IT!!!

*Audience laughs back in the stage room*

SD – It’s not the closet, it’s what’s in it…

*SD opens the door and a huge bucktoothed smile appears on Dr Hare’s face as he rushes in to play*

ATP The Spotted Show Room - Bunny Cage

MS – Cool! So… exactly what did you do?

SD – I made a little home for Dr Carrot Crazy! Whenever he comes to bug us during our shows we can just push and lock him in here. There’s a camera in there too, so we can keep an eye on him. The box over there is just a cardboard box, the water is a water bottle, the wheel is painted cardboard, and the ground is dirt I got from some potted plants. It’s the best I could do in the time I had. Anyway, lets get back to the stage.

*Everyone except Dr Hare goes back to the stage*

SD – Look at that! We’re pretty much out of time! Any last words Magic?

*Magic Star smiles as the audience give her a polite applause*

MS – Well, Spotted Dragon – it’s been an honor! I had a great time – switching roles with you and interviewing our unexpected guest included! I’ll certainly be watching the next episode of the Spotted Show.

SD – Well I think we can all agree that we had an… interesting time tonight. Thanks for coming Magic Star, thanks everyone! I had fun with my first show! Hope you liked it, I’ll see you next time! Stay spotted! :mrgreen:

Intro Voice – And that concludes Episode 1 – The Magical Pilot of The Spotted Show, with your host… Spotted Dragon!

Hope you liked it and my crazy “Get Rid of Dr. Hare” plan! 😉


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