ATP Authors Night Review!

Okay I personally think the ATP’s first party was awesome! :mrgreen: I’m so glad that the people who came came and I’m sorry for the people that didn’t come. But no worries! I took some pictures of the party to show you how it went!

The Poptropica Party was in a forest. A lot of people came. There was me, Tough Icicle (Samwow5), Quiet Bubbles (Cool Smarticle), Incredible Carrot (Nintendo Friend), Mad Heart, and some others. However I think the chat room was in a more party mood.

party 2

This next picture is near the beginning of the party when things started to get interesting. 😛

It was me, SW, TI, Grumpy Snowball, and AJ (Shy Singer). I was making my favorite face to annoy TI, me and SW were doing the Kirby dance until TI copied us 😆 , SW added eyes that follow your mouse to her name and AJ got creeped out, GS talked about his pig left and right. And that was just the start! 😎 The faces on xat are really fun to use. 🙂

party 1

Then it was Pictionary time! That was fun. Here are 3 that I made, below.

First is Pikachu, then Yoda, then TI’s Poptropican. 😛 Just remember, it’s hard to draw on the computer!

SW was the first to guess Pikachu. GS got Yoda and SW got TI, even before TI. But looking back at the other guesses was funny. 😆

party 3 party 4 party 6

I only took 1 picture of someone else’s Pictionary picture, sorry. And I think it was GS’s picture.

You can see why everyone thought it was a Barber Pole or a candy Cane. But when he was finished with the picture, it turned out to be a straw. 😛

party 5

Some of my guesses for some pictures were… “wild” in SW’s opinion I think. She was drawing what looked like the 3 circles for Mickey Mouse, but started to color it brown, so after a TON of guessing I guessed “messed up Winnie the Pooh”. TI laughed, but I was sadly wrong. The picture turned out to be a bear though! 😆

Anyway it was fun! 😀 If you didn’t come, hopefully you can come next time. I can’t express how funny it was in this post. Tell me what you thought of the par-tay in the comments if you came! 😉


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