CDO 10 – New Author Revealed!

Hey everyone! SD here with a extremely special announcement. We have waited a long time fore this. We thank all 59 people for voting. 🙂

Finally we get to know the results from the poll on the ATP sidebar. Here are the results:

Fearless Fox: 13 votes – 22%

Magic Star: 13 votes – 22%

Samwow5: 17 votes – 29%

Sticky Clown: 16 votes – 27%

So we have our winner and next author on the ATP, if he accepts! Congrats Samwow5!!! It was very close. Sorry to all the runner-ups.

I think Sam aka Tough Icicle will be a great addition to the ATP! 😀

I guess all there’s left to do is party!

Gif - Adventure Time 1

~SD & The ATP Team


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