Announcement #7

Ready for announcement 7? Well, even if you’re not, we’re giving it to you! Sorry that things have been taking so long. I just want it to be perfect. 🙂

Anyway, the ATP is getting 2 things in 1 announcement! How guh-rate is that?!? :mrgreen:

The 2 things are… both very similar! You thought I was going to tell you in that sentence? Nope! I’ll tell you in this one: The ATP is getting an Adventure Time Costumes Page and an Authors Picks Costumes Page!

Silver Wolf’s BMO Costume will be a part of the AT Costumes. Cheat Dude and Cool Smarticle’s SW/SD Hybrid Costumes will be a part of the Authors Picks. That was the upcoming surprise. 😉

The pages are getting some final tweaking, but keep a look out because they’ll be up soon! Here is a sneak peek:

Poptropica costume lady rainicorn Poptropica costume jake 2 Poptropica costume BMO Poptropica costume finn 2

poptropica costume earth saver



7 thoughts on “Announcement #7

  1. Über cool! And, SD, my Sleepy’s Review for the next TNPT is being written…:D

    • The Author’s Picks Page is a page of costumes that the Authors have picked to be there (Their favorites that aren’t shown somewhere else) and their own Poptropican’s costume. 🙂

      It’s located under Sweet Stuff, under the Cool Costumes Page. Here. And here is the Adventure Time Page. 😉

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