“May” The Winners Be Happy!

I’m really sorry I forgot to do this! This is… the Poptropican and Adventurer of May! I couldn’t remember if I announced it for May, so I looked every, but couldn’t find it, so even though this is a bit late, here it is! (And please remind me to do these at the end of each month, if I forget!) 🙂

The Poptropican of May is… Cool Smarticle!

Congrats! CS deserves this award because she has been very active with the ATP lately. She entered in our contest when we really needed contestants, shes been kind, she has forgiven people when they act badly, and she has shown a lot of enthusiasm! So congrats! :mrgreen:

The Adventurer of May is… Samwow5!

Congrats! Sam a.k.a. Tough Icicle deserves this award for his creativity! He came up with “announcements” for his blog, which lead to the CDO 10 here, he has been generous by sharing his ideas, he let us use some of his guides, and he always gives credit when he shares other people’s ideas. :mrgreen:

Congrats you 2! Remember, anyone can win this award and anyone can win it even more than once! Just show kindness, creativity, ect. 😉


Gif - Tobuscus Peace Off


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