The Chronicles of Sleepy Feather

Hey, fellow Poptropicans! I’m Sleepy Feather here, and I’m telling you about my brand-new story, The Chronicles of Sleepy Feather! In which Sleepy Feather *wait for it* goes to Monster Carnival Island!

Thing is…I only have three characters; Sleepy Feather, the protagonist, her pilot, Cool Skull (my brother, PoptropicaDetective2 on Poptropica) and her maid, Quiet Bird (my friend, Popsicle2014 on Poptropica). I need so many more! Here is the cast list:

  • Main Character: Sleepy Feather
  • Sidekick/Best Friend: Spotted Dragon
  • Refugee 1:
  • Refugee 2:
  • Butler (of SF): Strange Cat
  • Mad Scientist/Bad Guy: fruitbat777
  • Mad Scientist’s Spokesperson: Samwow5
  • Kidnapped Girl: Cool Smarticle
  • Person Slowly Becoming a Monster: Nintendo Friend
  • Maid (of SF): Quiet Bird
  • Pilot: Cool Skull
  • Monster 1:
  • Monster 2:
  • Monster 3:
  • Hypnotised Sidekick for Bad Guys: Silver Wolf
  • Glitch Girl: Nameless

So, let me explain what you’re in for. The sidekick is pretty much the secondary main character; he/she is SF’s best friend. The two refugees are based off Simon and Marceline in the AT episode ‘Simon and Marcy’; they escaped being made monsters but they live on a raft in the sea between Time Tangled and Monster Carnival. The butler is just like a servant who appears at the start. The Mad Scientist is the one making everyone into monsters, and the Spokesperson speaks for him because he’s too busy. The Kidnapped Girl has a birth defect so the Mad Scientist took her to take her birth defect DNA and mix it with any animal and human DNA to make the cell of a monster. The Person Slowly Becoming a Monster is in the outbreak, but he’s lasted human for a while longer than others. The monsters are…well, monsters. And just because I only listed three, doesn’t mean there can’t be more! And finally, the Hypnotised Sidekick is there to be the sidekick and he’s hypnotized, so he’ll do whatever the bad guys want. The monsters are basically animal/human people, and the animal DNA comes from various animals around Poptropica including Charlie’s cat and the Booga Shark (one unfortunate person actually had their DNA mixed with the Hydra on Mythology!).

Well, that’s all, folks! Remember, to be in the story, you mustΒ sign up in the comments. Thanks!

-Sleepy Feather

76 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Sleepy Feather

  1. i wanna be a actor

    name: massive crab
    monster or poptropican: poptropican
    gender: female
    username: miastutorials
    role: spy

    • Sorry, we don’t need any spies. All we need are monsters and two refugees.

  2. Could you make a glitch character, who is forced to be the Ringmaster’s Right-hand girl?? Nameless??

  3. I was wondering if Silver Wolf, who is hypnotized (but snaps out of it later) could be SF and SD’s (me) old 3rd best friend before the evil stuff started happening. πŸ™‚

    P.S. I guess I’m fine with any romance considering it’s JUST A STORY, but if there is any, don’t make it too serious. 😯

  4. I have a suggestion: You could nickname the Mad Scientist the “Ringmaster”, since it is Monster CARNIVAL, and the ringmaster controls all the animals (in this case, monsters)
    What kind of monsters are we talking about?
    Could I either be the Mad Scientist or if that is not available, the person turning into the monster?

    • Okay, why not! That’s actually an awesome idea!
      And the monsters are kind of like human/animal hybrids, only they’ve gone kinda crazy, like Simon when he puts on his crown.
      (Why am I making so many references to Simon and Marcy?)
      And sure, you can be the Mad Scientist!

    • Awesome! I love the Simon and Marcy episode! Making your way in the world today takes everything you got…

      Anyway, thank you! i can’t wait!

      SF, I have another idea! After the story is done, you could sent it to the Creator’s through a Contact Us box or print it and mail it to them, I know the address! (I sent a letter to the Creators a year ago. I found the address in the Poptropica Official Guide)

    • I know! It’s the first AT episode I ever cried at. Now every time I hear the Cheers song I start crying.
      Another great idea! Perhaps it will make Monster Carnival a reality!

    • Well, after I get all or most of the characters, I’ll make a post where you can send me details of your character, like how they look, dress, and how they act, speak, and if you want any certain scenes. Then I’ll take that info and make it into a story on the Strange Stories page!

    • What do you mean by “write”? You can help write there personality, things they do, ect., if that’s what you mean.
      And do you want to go by fruitbat7777 in the story? Or just Fruit Bat, or what?

    • In the story, since I’m the Ringmaster, A.K.A. the bad guy, I would be fine with just “The Ringmaster” to make it mysterious, Fruit Bat, or my poptropican name, Icy Scorpion. Whatever you guys want.

      Thanks! I’m excited for this story!

      And yes, that it what I meant by write. πŸ™‚

    • Well, he’ll appear, and he’ll be very evil and acting evil. LOL
      No, he’s kind of like working really really hard and whenever someone upsets him he’ll sort of try to kill them.

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