Too Many Friends, Just Enough Updates

First off…

Because Poptropica Friends was too big for the web…

What’s the latest with Poptropica Friends? Now it’s a book! This little tome is jam-packed with 128 pages of quizzes and activities that are all about you, your friends, and your life. It’s like the Poptropica website come to life!

Poptropica Friendsย will be available on August 1. It’s available for pre-order on right now!

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Of course we already knew this because the PHB already found out, but now it’s official! Get it August1 and pre-order now! I personally think it looks pretty cool! From what I gathered from this post, was that it’s going to be like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Do-It-Yourself Book. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now for some updates/questions! First I need to know what story to make more of right now. That doesn’t mean I’m stopping the other stories, I just want to know which to make next:


Next I need to know what guide to make next. I want to make one of the ones below, however if you want to make a different one, I might be able to get the other ATP Authors to help out. (And don’t forget that the ATP just got a Counterfeit Guide!)


Oh and if you haven’t voted for what should happen next in Super Dragon & Hamburger Boy, vote now! Remember, I DON”T want a boyfriend. (And sorry, I’m hiding the results.)


The poll above, doesn’t mean that SD & HB is going to be the next story, so I thought it I should ask who I should interview in The Spotted Show! The results here are also hidden. ๐Ÿ™‚


Also relating to the Spotted Show, I’ve decided to have special segments sometimes, depending on who I’m interviewing. I’m not making a poll for this one, I just want to let you know. And I think that’s it! Thanks! :mrgreen:


10 thoughts on “Too Many Friends, Just Enough Updates

  1. SD, I found something on Game Show Island! To the left of main street, outside the factory, there is a billboard that says “Robot Revolution Recycle” But in between Revolution and Recycle there is some binary numbers, which I took the time to translate too… robot. Exciting, I know.

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