SD & HB – Episode 4 – The Bad Burier – Part 1

Hey guys! The poll for the next story I write was very close. But Super Dragon & Hamburger Boy won! I will make another episode of The Spotted Show next then. πŸ™‚

Normally there are 4 parts of an episode, but there are 7 this time.

I’m going to post 1 part at a time, but to see the next part the post has to get at least 5 likes every time. and at least 3 people have to make a prediction for what will happen next.

BTW: I’m leaving on Wednesday for a family reunion of mine and won’t be back until the Monday after that. So there won’t be a TNPT this week, or a TMT, sorry. 😦 Hopefully I can post all of episode 4 before I leave.

Anyway, here is part 1, which is the beginning, so not that exciting.

ATP stories super dragon & hamburger boy 4 - 1

I hope you like it! If you haven’t read past episodes click here.


22 thoughts on “SD & HB – Episode 4 – The Bad Burier – Part 1

  1. Either the villain is right behind her about to scare her or maybe they are on the reality TV game show itself, maybe they took over the gameshow with mini games of horror or the villain is a contestant trying to beat everyone else?

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