“I’m having a par-tay at my pineapple!”

Hey, everyone, Sleepy Feather here, with a very important announcement (but not really). On the 6th of July, we will be having a COSTUME PARTY! Planned by myself, Cool Smarticle, and Nameless UNdefiNEd! You will have a few days to get your special costume ready and then it’s party time! You can’t copy a full costume from the Internet or from anyone on Poptropica, sure, you can have elements of a costume, but not the entire thing. We will also have a contest! The best three costumes will win…something. I’m going to have to confer with CS and Nameless about that. I’ll post when the party starts because I haven’t decided on an exact time yet. By the way, it has to be a dress-up costume, whether it’s a princess or a knight, it just can’t be anything you’d wear everyday. RSVP (I trust you all know what that means) in the comments!

So, get to work on those outfits! May the best costume win!

-Sleepy Feather, The Girl Who Waited

25 thoughts on ““I’m having a par-tay at my pineapple!”

  1. 12 CDT, everyone! The party will be at 12 CDT, so make sure you’re online!

  2. I might not be able to make it. 😐 Wait. Let me check…..

    Thanks for featuring us in the post! 😀

    A knight or like a princess type thing. 🙂 That’s me. 😛

  3. Did you know that it takes FOREVER to upload an Island Guide to youtube??? Right now, if my calculator’s right, then I’m looking at 18.9 hours of uploading time, AND it keeps ADDING TIME!!!!??!?!?!??!????!!!

  4. I can’t make the 8th, I’m going out of town. I may not have access to the computer when the party starts, but if I do, then I will. Oh and I would love to judge a costume contest! (If I’m there.) Oh and I will be coming asRough Lion, Teenage Daughter Of Hades, or Lucky Snowball, the Magical Baby.

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