Let’s get this party started!

Hey guys! Let’s get this party started! The room code is to be announced! Come on, dressed in costumes…we want to make this BIG! Come on everyone! So I made a topic about it because of something called LIMITED CHAT. We can’t speak to each other on Multiverse, and while that’s a good thing because it stops cyberbullying, sometimes we need to speak to each other. So if there’s something you want to say just post your Poptropica name and what you want to say! Perfect-ish solution! Peace out, -SF

43 thoughts on “Let’s get this party started!

  1. EQN55! That’s the code! Come on everyone!
    Oh, and SW? That moviestar costume works fine. Just wear something you wouldn’t wear in real life.

  2. Is no-one going to comment about my idea to use a chatroom as well as a party?

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