Sneezing and Training

First of all, the Virus Hunter ‘Sneezing Power’ is available!

Virus Hunter Island “Sneezing Powder” now available!


A summer cold is an unpleasant thing, but making somebody else sneeze during the dog days is a laugh riot. That’s why we’ve just released the Virus Hunter Island “Sneezing Powder” to the Poptropica Store. Just equip it, then press the spacebar to set off a sneezing fit!

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And secondly, the Creators have released a training game for Virus Hunter Island.

SD’s EDIT: I just wanted to show non-members what it’s like to use the sneeze power! Here are some pictures I took…

poptropica sneak peek vhi 8

Step One: Release Sneeze Powder

poptropica sneak peek vhi 9

Step Two: Take in The Effect of The Powder

Gear up for Virus Hunter Island with Nano-Combat Training!


In the upcoming Virus Hunter Island, it’s up to you to battle tough germs in the microscopic environment of a human body. But it would be foolish to do so without training! That’s why we’ve just released “Nano-Combat Training,” a game available in the Poptropica Store that lets you take control of a tiny ship and deal some big damage.Virus Hunter Island is coming soon to Poptropica. But you can play Nano-Combat Training today with MembershipHappy hunting.

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I totally need to get Membership! But unfortunately my parents won’t let me. But why are the cool things always Members Only? It’s not fair!
Here’s something cool; this is my tenth post on the ATP! Pretty cool, huh?
EDIT: I just wanted to show non-members what it’s like to practice with the Nano-Combat Training! Here are some pictures I took…
poptropica sneak peek vhi 10 poptropica sneak peek vhi 11 poptropica sneak peek vhi 12

14 thoughts on “Sneezing and Training

  1. I haven’t completed the Training yet…. It seems a lot like the Boardwalk bonus quest (which is the only bonus quest I haven’t completed) but when you do complete it, do you get a prize or just a congrats?

    • Well first of all it isn’t exactly like Thunder Volt. (BTW: That’s the only Bonus Quest I haven’t beaten too) After you beat it, you sadly only get a congrats. However it is very difficult to beat.

  2. Congrats on your 10th post! 😀 I’ve made over 200 posts. 😯 😆
    Also, thanks for posting this. I kept on forgetting. And if you don’t mind, I’m going to put some pictures in the post. 😉

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