Lego Cuusoo Update

Hello all.

I would like to share with you an incredible milestone in our favourite Lego pack; no, not the Lego Star Wars, the Lego Dr. Hare’s Lair. We have reached 8,350 supporters! I calculated that we need 1,695 supporters and we’ll have made it to 10,000! So let’s put all our efforts in; because otherwise, we will have to say good-bye to our Creators, because the evil mastermind Jeff Kinney is ‘planning dire things for the creators’ if they don’t get to the milestone.

Don't be fooled by the smile

Don’t be fooled by the smile

So vote vote vote to get the amazing set that shows up in the pic, under the real brains behind Poptropica’s grinning face. If you aren’t 13, then ask an adult to vote for you, and we’ll make those 1695 votes easy-peasy, because, even though I don’t use legos, my brother and his friends do, and they want this set!

Peace out,

Sleepy Feather


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