A Cry for Cryptids Help!

Our Cryptids Island Guide is here! Written and illustrated by Moi. 🙂

Click here to see it or visit our Island Guides Page for more. Oh and here is a little preview of it:

poptropica ci5 Dollar! 5 Dollar Sports Drink!

When you land on Cryptids Island start walking to the right. (BTW: The Common Room is the Bead & Breakfast) The man with a soccer ball will give you a flyer and you should read it just to know what’s going on. Keep going right and past some houses owned by very rich people. If you talk to the islanders along your way, it might help you understand what’s going on. Anyway, once you pass house number 33 get the $5 that’s stuck in the tree to the right. Now go back to Main Street, into the General Store, and buy the only thing in the store that is $5. A sports drink.

Then go to the right, back to all those houses and give your drink to the thirsty gardener. After that he’ll give you his shears while he takes a well deserved break. For fun, you can use the shears to trim the shape of your choosing in the bush next to you! However the lady there threatens to sue you. Oh well! I still created a master piece! Look I made my name! SD!

poptropica ci 1

The Feeling of Flight

Now go way to the left, past Main Street, where you’ll see a bunch of adventurers taking off to find proof of a cryptid. Talk to the woman with the hang glider and help her lift off! Then help the boy in the hot air balloon by using the shears to cut his rope. (If for some reason the balloon doesn’t float up, try it again or just try moving around/getting inside the balloon.) By doing that you get the rope, which is very strong.

poptropica ci 2

I hope the guide helps you!

Also, don’t forget to like and make predictions on TNPT most recent post to see the next CDO 10! We need 20 comments on that post altogether, 5 likes, and 10 predictions! We can do it, come on! 😀


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