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Cartoon Network as been at Comic Con 2013 recently! And I want to share with you how awesome it is! First, here is a little tour of a Cartoon Network booth that was there. 😀

Get inside Ice King’s head! Special correspondent Chanelle Peloso was on hand for an exclusive tour of Cartoon Network’s Ice King-themed booth at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con!

Fans can stop by the booth all weekend for a photo op in Ice King’s dungeon, signings with the cast and crew of some of their favorite shows, and free princess buttons! We’re handing out a new pin each day of the Con. So far we’ve given away Hotdog Princess, Wildberry Princess, Flame Princess, and Lumpy Space Princess. Who do you think will be the final princess pin?

Thanks Chanelle! (Chanelle is from Incredible Crew and so is the voice actor for Finn!) Now a lot of questions were asked at the Comic Con too. Because we all know that Adventure Time is more than you think. A lot of my friends think is silly, random, and pointless, but they don’t understand to storyline, the Great Mushroom War, etc. Anyway, since some people got their questions answered, we’ll share them with you! Maybe you had a similar question. 😉

Things got weird at the Adventure Time question and answer session! Series creator Pendleton Ward (LSP) was joined by Jeremy Shada (Finn), John DiMaggio (Jake), Tom Kenny (Ice King), Olivia Olson (Marceline) Adam Muto, and head of story Kent Osborne to answer fan questions during the Adventure Time panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2013. The panelists covered questions about Fionna & Cake, Finn’s education, and where Princess Bubblegum came from. Check out all the answers below!

Will Finn and Jake ever go back to school?
Muto: Technically Finn should be in school right now.
Shada: Finn’s basically an uneducated dropout.
Kenny: …With a sword.
DiMaggio: Stay in school!

Some episodes end a little abruptly. Why is that?
Kenny: Lazy writing.
Osborne: We run out of time.
Muto: We just really like to.

Will we ever meet Princess Bubblegum’s mom and dad?
Ward: You will, but it’s going to be weird. It’s not what you’d think parents would look like.

Where was Hunson Abadeer when Simon and Marcy were wandering a apocalyptic wasteland?
Olson: That is a great question, and that’s why we have such an estranged relationship. He kind of had to deal with stuff in the Nightosphere for a minute.
Muto: That’s a big question mark. We probably will address it at some point. So I don’t want to tell you right now.

Will you ever make Fionna & Cake it’s own show?
Ward: Maybe. Maybe we will. You can say that to anything. Um, maybe.

Is Gunter going to have another baby?
Kenny: He has a date tonight so you never know. Wenk!
DiMaggio: If Gunter was here right now, I’d make a baby with Gunter.

What do Finn’s parents look like?
Shada: I’m guessing they’re human.
Ward: You’re going to find out real soon. Maybe.

In the episode “Simon & Marcy” is the giant pink glob a pre-evolution of PB?
Muto: It’s going to show up in the Adventure Time game [Because I Don’t Know].
Ward: We’re sprinkling it out. I mean, we’re not going to blow it at Comic-Con. But, you know, you’re onto something.

How did Jake turn into a magic dog?
DiMaggio: He turned into a magic dog because he’s magic. And he had it in him
Ward: That’s it. It’s canon!

Interesting… 😕 Let’s just say I have deeper questions they didn’t answer. Like… How did Finn survive during the apocalypse of how Ooo was created? Or… We’ve seen pictures of how earth looks in AT, but is The Land of Ooo in the giant crater or everything except the crater? Then, are there still humans in the land they aren’t living in? Stuff like that.

I also want to show you this performance by the voice actor of Marshall Lee; Donald Glover and a storyboard artist who helps out with AT’s songs a lot; Rebecca Sugar

Unexpected! Marshall Lee himself, Donald Glover, showed up to the Adventure Time panel for a surprise duet with storyboard artist Rebecca Sugar! The pair performed their hit song “Bad Little Boy” from the latest Fionna and Cake episode. Check out the live performance!

What’s your favorite Adventure Time song?

That was pretty cool. And Marshall Lee is even good at singing Cake’s part! 😆

Next up we have somewhat of a mini summary of what happened AT wise. However I mainly want to show the sneak peek of the episode Be More, which comes on tonight and the episode Sky Witch, which comes on July 29.

Holy stuff! The Adventure Time panel at San Diego Comic-Con rocked our flippin’ socks off! Fans were treated to two exclusive sneak peek clips, an original play, an awesome giveaway and two humungous surprises!

Super special guest Donald Glover (Marshall Lee) dropped by to perform with resident songwriter Rebecca Sugar! The pair brought the house down with a duet of “Bad Little Boy.” Watch the performance! Sugar followed up that song with a fan-requested hit “I Remember You” and an audience sing-along of “Bacon Pancakes.”

From there, series creator Pendleton Ward (Lumpy Space Princess) made things wonderfully weird with an original play featuring Jeremy Shada (Finn), John DiMaggio (Jake), Tom Kenny (Ice King), Olivia Olson (Marceline), and one young audience member named Adrian and his mother.

Supervising Producer Adam Muto shared sneak peeks of the next couple episodes. One dives into BMO’s background, and the other follows Marceline and PB on a witch hunt. Check out this clip from “Sky Witch.” It’ll make you go babies!

You should check out this clip from “Be More” too. It’ll make you go double babies!

Did you know that BMO is an app? It is now! Pen handed out a brand-new iPad Mini, complete with the new Beemo app, to one lucky fan. The app features games, a soundboard, photo stickers, and an interactive BMO. Plus, it’s available for FREE in the App Store. What are you waiting for? Download it already!

But the biggest big news of the day was still to come. It was so enormous it took a marching band to make the announcement. Finn and Jake will debut in the 87th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade® this year! MATHEMATICAL! Jeremy Shada and John DiMaggio unveiled a scale model of the float.

Talking about that Macy’s Parade Float thing, I found a picture of the scale model! Looks pretty awesome to me.

In that somewhat summary above from CN, they also talked about a BMO app! Well I have a closer look at it right here… Oh, by the way, CN spells BMO Beemo, but that is wrong!


Who wants to play video gaaaaaames? Now you can put Beemo on your device! Everyone’s favorite video game system is now an interactive app from Cartoon Network! Hang out with Beemo, play Adventure Time games from the show, customize your pictures with digital stickers, and sound off with character soundboards! This awesome app features original voice overs from actress Niki Yang. Available for free in the App Store.

“Beemo” is available for iPad 2, 3, and 4; iPad mini; iPhone 4, 4s, and 5; and iPod touch 4. MSG and Data rates may apply. You must be 18 years or older or have permission from a parent or guardian.

I know I’m getting that for my iPad! :mrgreen:

Well, that’s all that has been unveiled for now! So the questions from this post are… Who do you think the last Princess Pin will be of? What’s your favorite AT song? What do you think of the next 2 AT episodes, considering the previews shown for them? Do you have a question for the AT cast that wasn’t answered? Do you like the float? And what do you think about the BMO app? Talk about all these questions in the comments! 🙂

And we will edit this post if something else happens at Comic Con, so keep your eyes peeled!


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