Adventure Time Update

First off, I am going to try and post the previews for AT episodes every week now. So here is the preview for the upcoming episode, called Frost & Fire. The video is by AdventureTimeOooNews.

Oh. My. Glob. I personally can’t wait for this episode! Flame Princess is currently rising on my favorite character list, so I hope this episode is good as it looks. 🙂 What do you think will happen? Will it be good?

I also want to show you the Frost & Fire Marathon commercial. Yes, there is going to be a marathon of the best FP & IC moments! The video is by HDAOnline.

So are you going to watch the marathon? I just want to say that one of my favorite Flame Princess moments was in Jake Suit. I loved how she didn’t get mad at Finn for being in a bet and just wished him good luck. 😛

Anyway, I was also working on one of the remaining CDOs, when I came across some interesting AT news! Some of you already know that AT has a DS/3DS game. However they are coming out with a new game!

This one, to me, looks even more awesome. Plus it’s coming out for the 3DS, PC, XBOX360, PS3, and the Wii U. I have found 2 previews for it. The first video is by GameNewsOfficial. The second is by gamespot.

Doesn’t it look cool? I love how AT is spreading their game to different console and that they are working on more multi-player gaming. But what do you think about it?

I also want to know what everyone thought of Sky Witch. I personally LOVED IT! I like how it got in touch with Marceline’s sensitive side. Normally she’s kick but, whatever, but did you see how she fell for that first trap? I love the episodes that remind you of past episodes too. In this case, I remember Memory of a Memory, in which Ash (Marceline’s Ex-Boyfriend) sold her favorite teddy bear (Hambo) to get a wand. Sky Witch didn’t have too much Marceline & PB back story, but I still… felt… well, it’s hard to explain.

Please tell me your opinion on everything in this post! I really want to share thoughts about this stuff and I want AT to be included more in the ATP. So along with the previews of episodes I will post, I will also start a discussion on the past episode. 😉



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