The Chronicles of Sleepy Feather – Chapter 1 Part 1

As I’m currently going through a state of writer’s block, I’m stuck – halfway through Chapter 1. If anyone’s got any ideas about what should happen next, suggest away.

Sleepy Feather woke with a start. She’d been having a nightmare, just like she had every year since Silver, her younger sister, had disappeared. It was December now; Silver had disappeared on Halloween night. Nobody had any trace of where her younger sister had gone.

She rolled out of bed, exhausted as she had been up very late last night, and got dressed. As quickly as she could, she hurried downstairs and went into the dining room for breakfast. There were two other people at the table; Sleepy’s father, Zany Feather, and her best friend, Spotted Dragon (often known as Spots). Her father was reading the newspaper, as he always did in the morning; Spots wasn’t eating. Neither of them had much of an appetite ever since their other best friend, Silver Wolf, had disappeared at the Monster Carnival.

Just as Sleepy sat down, her maid, Quiet Bird, came to place four pancakes and a cube of butter on her place. “Thanks, Quiet,” she murmured, almost inaudibly. As she poured syrup on her pancakes, she heard a small tone that had obviously come from Spots’ phone. She watched her best friend take out her phone and check her texts, watched her face go even paler than it was. Suddenly Spots stood up and hastened her walk towards the hall.

“Where has Miss Dragon gone?” the butler, Strange Servant, asked as he took the finished newspaper from Mr. Feather.

Sleepy shook her head and watched as her father pushed aside the newspaper. The girl picked up the paper and read the front page: Still No Sign of Missing Children. With a sigh, she got up. “Will you not eat, Miss Feather?” Strange asked. Sleepy shook her head and walked out into the foyer, expecting to find Spots there too.

When she entered the foyer she saw that her friend was slipping on her blue jacket. “Where are you going?” she asked in surprise. She was not met with an answer as Spots opened the door of the mansion. Of course, Sleepy was curious, and her eyes fell on her friend’s phone. Without thinking about it being rude, she picked up the mobile and looked through the texts.

Hello, darling.

Who are you?

You don’t remember me?


Of course. Meet me somewhere off the island and I will tell you where to go.

Shaken, Sleepy grabbed her red pullover. Her family were quite rich, so she lived in a mansion in the centre of Cryptids Island. Spots’ family, on the other hand, were poor. Her mother was missing, believed dead, and her best friend had confided a secret in her that Sleepy would never, ever tell.

7 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Sleepy Feather – Chapter 1 Part 1

  1. I’ve been trying to think of what could happen next. Maybe Spots tells SF to stay out of sight, but after a while Sleepy can’t help it and gets out of her hiding spot to help. Then the Ringmaster get’s super angry. IDK…

  2. 😯 I love your story so far Sleepy! And I love all the characters’ personalities. 🙂
    Although please remember to categorize your posts!

    Oh and did you see that I entered 2 of my friends in the story? I thought I could, since some positions were still unfilled. Go to that Part 2 of Characters Post you made to see. 😉

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